Convertible Car Seat Help!!!!!

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  1. Okay I have been researching car seats for the last few weeks and I feel like my head is going to explode. I need one rear facing right now since DS is only 8 months old but I am concerned that a convertible car seat is not going to fit in my car rear facing...Anyone have a mid size car with a convertible car seat in the rear facing position???? Which car seat did you have???

    I have a Dodge Intrepid and we like for the car seat to be in the center of the back seat. I have read some reviews on britax, first years tru fit and safety first and most of them say that they are big and some had trouble getting them in the rear facing position and they had like SUVs and stuff. I am just at a loss......

    Can anyone recommend a car seat that will fit in a midsize car rear facing????

  2. I have a Britax rear-facing in a relatively small car. Most stores will let you try putting it in your car to see if it fits before you buy. I would definitely recommend Britax if it fits!
  3. I have the Britax Boulevard. I thought it would be too large for my car - but it fits! And I drive a VW Beetle! I love it. It's gotten excellent reviews and I feel very safe having my son ride in it.
  4. I recently got the britax boulevard 70 for my 9 month old and its fits fine into my mercedes c320 which is a small car. We still have ot rear facing too, so you shld be fine.
  5. Recaro como... Best seat!
  6. We have the Sunshine Kids Radian 80. It fits right in the middle of our 2nd row passenger seat. We have an Acura MDX.
  7. I have the Britax Boulevard center rear in my Saab 9-3. I also have used the Orbit toddler seat in that same spot.

    I tried a Radian (don't remember now if it was the XT or the 65), but that would not fit rear facing. I had to pull the front seats all the way forward to get it in there, to the point that I couldn't actually get into my seat to drive.
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    I have a Britax First Class and it fits in a small car, Toyota Vios, (basically it's a 1500cc sedan) and it fits a MPV, Mitsubishi Grandis. No problems with rear or front facing. I used that car seat since my DS was 2 months and he's now 17 months. It will take a while before I switch to a full front facing.

    At 8 months, your DS should be able to sit front facing. What's his weight? I think the Britax is a good choice. Plus point is it's not too heavy for me to carry it and fix it. Best is to try fitting it in your car.
  9. I love the Maxi Cosi Priori!! It has a really great reclining feature and is easy to move/install etc. It works for both rear and forward facing too.
  10. We have the Evenflo triumph 65. We have it in our 4Runner and it works great. Pretty easy to use and install. It also rated higher than the Britax on the consumer reports website for safety and ease of use. They have a size 55 that is smaller.
  11. No here its 1 year of age and at least 20 pounds before you can turn them front facing although most pedi's recommend waiting as long as possible for safety reasons so like 2 years.
  12. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! I am still doing my research....
  13. My son sits rear facing till he hits 20 pounds or 9 kilograms mark when he was 8 months. He's now almost 29 pounds or 13 kilograms at 17 months. My son couldn't wait to sit front facing as he hates his seat. So front facing helps but with an MPV, at least I feel safer.
  14. ^ yeah I was all ready to turn DS when he turned a year old but everyone is telling me to wait until he's a little older for safety reasons. They are trying to pass a law not to turn them front facing until they are 2. I am going to ask my pedi at our next appt what he recommends. I would love to turn him at 1 year, but we'll see.
  15. I have a Recaro Proride, but we have captain chairs for our 2nd row in our Mazda5 (think of it as a mini-mini van) and it fits really well in there. DS is also extremely comfortable in it.

    If size is an issue, I don't think you can get any smaller than a Maxi Cosi Pirori (the downside is that it RF's max weight is low as well as the FF)...although, you may want to check out the Combi Zeus'd make loading a kid in a small car much easier since you can turn it before you put him RFing.

    If you have other stores in your area than BRU, check them out (I can't stand BRU's limited selection so I go to another store here that has a much, MUCH wider selection). And ask if you can bring the seat out to your car to see how it fits :biggrin: