Convertible Bags? Name a few...

  1. Ok, I was reading the "I can't do arm bags" thread (sorry, I can't figure out how to link it) and laughing about some of the comments. You ladies are really funny. I can totally relate to the T-Rex comment AND the shoulder bag falling onto my head when I bend over. LMAO! :roflmfao: I personally love arm bags, but sometimes they aren't practical.

    Anyhow, it got me thinking...What other "convertibles" are out there? I know of the Foley & Corrina City Tote, The Sasha Duffle by Botkier...what else? Post pics if you can. I am on the hunt for black, convertible -- bag, that is.
  2. There is the HH Ibiza Convertible Tote but it's pretty big. It comes in black.
  3. By convertible you mean with multiple strap options? My favorite is the Moni Moni Splendor handles that fit over your shoulder and a long cross-body strap.

  4. Probably not what you meant, but the Fendi To You is a true convertible, as it converts from a clutch to a handbag; although, personally, I think it only looks good as a clutch. :smile:
  5. The Cole-Haan Aerin (used to be the Paige)
  6. Kooba Meredith also has on that fits shoulder or arm and one that goes cross body
  7. Off the top of my head, I can think of the M by MJ Dr. Q. Groovee satchel, the Bulga ruched pocket satchel (don't know the style name; it's on Shopbop, revolve and Nordstrom).
  8. Also the MBMJ Delancey (Delancy?) that was featured in Megs' blog.
  9. 1. Hayden Harnett Louvre Satchel (handheld or on shoulder (if you're slim) and cross body detachable strap)
    2. Andrea Brueckner overnighter (a satchel that is hand held and has a detacable cross-body strap).
  10. 3. Gryson Skye/Olivia/Jasper/etc.- handheld or shoulder straps
  11. 4. Andrew Marc- can't tell you name of style- but I think he designed several with hand held and shoulder options.
  12. Some balenciaga styles have both had/arm and shoulder straps.

    The gryson pocket group also has both straps, but it's on the awkward side to swing the shoulder strap up and around so it can be used.
  13. I love the Moni Moni. Yes, that's exactly what I mean. I have heard rumblings of the color rubbing off on peoples clothes...Anyone know if that's true?
  14. I've had color come off on my skin (I was walking around outside in the summer and started to sweat....there was a greyish strap mark across my chest...eeeewww) but nothing on my clothes.
  15. Ani Nadia and Cameron styles (shoulder/messenger)
    Not Rational EK Sub, Frankie, Amy, Gretl (Diaper Bag), Parker; Connor (shoulder to hand-held)
    Coach Bleeker Duffle (shoulder/messenger)