Converted to Kooba!

  1. Was out to lunch with gf and we did some shopping at Bloomies and I saw alot of bags. They are all so BIG it seems. Juicy just looked totally ridic.
    Like cartoons on Acid...what are they thinking?? My gf said she felt like she was in a little kid's toy dept.

    Anywho, I went shopping with the idea that I may return the Kooba "Sarah" I just got, but now that I saw a ton of other bags, I came home with a greater appreciation for my Kooba, so have decided to keep it. Also went shopping with my MJ "Wham" and I am sooooooo happy with the size. The MJ "Sylvie double pocket studded hobo" that I THOUGHT I had to have, is GINORMOUS on my body (I'm 5/1" 120). I saw it on me in the mirror and it was a joke. So I'm kind of out of love with it. I'd love it in a smaller size IS a great bag.

    anywho, KOOBA is here to stay.

  2. Big Kooba lover here too!!
  3. I love Kooba! I think they are very beautiful handbags for the money. I believe that the price is going to go way, way up in the next few years.

    Its funny because I have Fendi, MJ and BBags that aren't as well made as my Kooba. Although I love the other bags the detailing and finishing on the Koobas is just so well done.
  4. I like kooba.
  5. I'm glad you aren't as unhappy with it as you were when you first got it. :smile: Yay! I'm still waiting on my Sienna, hopefully it will be here this week. They emailed me to say it shipped.
  6. I'm glad to hear that you have a new found happiness for your Kooba bag. I have 4 and are thrilled with each one of them. I just received my black Lena a few days ago but have been unable to carry it due to rain all week. (I'm down here in south Florida) I can't wait! Enjoy your Sarah, too!