Converted to Chanel...for GOOD!

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  1. Why I love and choose Chanel over the other labels...

    I guess LV and GUCCI has changed a lot in the past at these stores several years back was still quite an exclusive experience...but wow so much has changed!

    My experience in these stores during this past year..HORRIBLEEspecially during the holiday rush. I felt like I was at a bargain store paying 1000s of dollars...and not a boutique!

    LV had tons of SA that did not know their product lines very well..and us customers had to wait in a herd of crowded bunch for our names to be yelled out by cashiers to ring up our purchase!~

    Gucci had the typical SA that always has the blank stare and scopes you out from head to toe... I go in and there are SALE BINS!! Hey, I'm not one to complain about sales...but atleast display your products nicely! All of the items that were on sale were thrown into a wooden bin and people were hoarding and shuffling through them like madmen.

    Through all these bad customer service and presentation...I realized I didn't want to throw down any more money (and it is not a small amount) with them. I guess these stores can get away with it..kuz in the end, people will still buy their stuff. Oh well...

    I love my CHANEL store though...Love my SA, Love the people that come in, Love my overall experience with them! And..when they had their sale...things were not thrown into a BIN! hahaha they were still nicely displayed in glass casings and shelves! I was treated as a special someone ..not as another customer to ring up.

    Sorri for venting...and please don't throw rocks at me to all you LV, Gucci lovers...I still carry my collection of those labels...I'm not hating... I Just found a new love......New Love for Chanel!~ :love:
  2. yay! welcome to the dark side! :graucho:
    although i'm not exclusive to chanel when buying bags, i do find myself in here an awful lot...
  3. Welcome snosno Although I prefer Chanel, I still like LV and Gucci. I'm sorry to hear that you've had such experiences at the boutiques. I think it just depends on your SA. I've had both bad and good experiences in some boutiques but it didn't stop me from shopping :p
  4. The holidays are not the best time to shop, IMO. I am glad you have a great relationship with your Chanel SA. That makes shopping so much easier. Good luck.
  5. I feel the same way. The exclusive quality of Chanel is something that LV and Gucci just don't have. I also agree about the mad holiday rush at LV and Gucci. It's more peaceful at Chanel! :smile: (and Hermes)
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats! I was at SCP yesterday and it was a zoo. I used my black patent and did not see a single person wearing the same purse that I was wearing. I feel that Chanel is more exclusive and I love the fact that I don't see everyone and their mothers walking around w/the same purse.
  7. I loveeee you post! and you express my exact feelings for LV and Gucci! lol

  8. HAHAa when I went to SCP on this day..I carried my Black Patent Chanel as well!!!! You're absolutely right...NO ONE else had it!!!!!!! hahahha Everyone and their mothers had a typical mono LV...from little girls to grannies! Yet I was standing proud with the only Chanel ;) Now if I see another woman carrying this bag at scp..I'll say "HI"....might be YOU! hahaha
  9. Yea LV has definitely turned mainstream. But I don't discriminate with handbag brands...LOL. But Chanel is one of my favorites!!!
  10. Jen, do you have a favorite SA at SCP?
  11. LOL, that would be classic! :biggrin:
  12. Yes, her name is Yoshiko and she's a doll. She's not pushy and calls me immediately when my bags come, unlike some if my previous SA's who forgot to call me. She also won't say that a bag looks great on me when it really doesn't just to make a sale, which is rare. She has actually told me NOT to purchase bags on a couple of times if you can believe that. :shocked: If you don't already have a SA, ask for her and tell her Jennifer w/the khaki cabas sent you.:biggrin: