Converted:- I'm Plombed!

  1. Oh my god...I'm a new convert...and I've made the right decision! I received this today - BRAND NEW! :love:

    The condition of the bag is spectacular...I've been choosing between the blues and the darker colors..and decided a darker color as a first bbag! I love the leather! It's sooooo soft and my boyfriend loves it..this is the first bag he approves of! I'm so happy! He loves the bag because it's logo-free..:smile: can be dressed up or down..has a certain flavor to it!

    I am soooooooooooo CONVERTED!!!!! :woohoo: Did I make the right choice of color, ladies?

    I took some quick pictures..gotta go out for dinner!

    Pictures with flash..

  2. Love it! Congratulations!
  3. Pictures without's kinda cloudy today..I'll take pics in natural light soon!

    CIMG1701.JPG CIMG1702.JPG
  4. Wow! Gorgeous color and leather! Perfect for your first (and soooo not your last!) bbag!
  5. wow the leather is tdf! congrats! i wish to be plombed too but i'll be contented to just stare now :p
  6. PLOMB!!! in a city! One of my fave in my collection!!!! The leather on yours is simply TDF! You so def. made the right decision! CONGRATS on ur first bbag! :tup:
  7. GORGEOUS!! A perfect decision.
  8. that leather looks totally edible! LOVE IT! Enjoy :heart:
  9. GREAT pick for your First BBag!!!! WELCOME to the club! The leather is yummy, too!
  10. congrats rensky!! you're an official bbag convert now! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats! What's next? You can't stop at one...:graucho:
  12. What gorgeous distressing... cOngrats!!!
  13. Beautiful! I love your thread title, it's so cute!
  14. Congrats! And great first color as well...
  15. :drool:

    The leather is the absolute Bbag perfection:heart:

    Congrats, you definitely made a right choice!!