Converted Hubby to LV too!

  1. Never thought it would happen but DH got an LV too.
    Another successful conversion to LV.:graucho:
    IMGP0591.JPG IMGP0592.JPG IMGP0593.JPG
  2. Congrats to DH and to you for converting him!
  3. Wow! That is a nice bag. What is the name of it? Maybe I can convince my bf to get it too, since he's looking for a bag similar to that. :yes:
  4. Congrats to your effort..and congrats your DH for the bag..Great Job!
  5. Great bag! You should make hubby model it LOL :smile:
  6. Its the compagnon, WHAT A BEAUT! :yes: Congrats!!!!!
  7. Very nice!
  8. That's a gorgeous bag, I swear I would wear that myself. The mens lines are sooo sophisticated and understated. Especailly tobago, mmm
  9. I love converts! LOL
  10. Love it! Wish my BF would let me convert him, but no luck so far... congrats!
  11. yayee! congratulations! i converted my bf to lv too (and chanel...even though chanel doesn't a men's line) and now i love shopping with him.
  12. Nice bag..... wish I could convert my husband!
  13. Well done:graucho: LOL congrats!!! Love the colour.:love:
  14. i almost want it!
  15. Very nice!