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Sep 26, 2007
Central Texas
Up until now I've only had Coach. Now I've know about LV and Chanel since birth practically LOL.

It took me awhile to justify the price tag but now I'm really considering taking the plunge and convert, nothing Coach has (minus a few legacy pieces) is really speaking to me and every bag I've owned by them has had some flaw. Maybe I'm too picky but I expect a $400 bag to be pretty flawless and last more than a few months with normal usage.

I have my eye on 3 LV's right now, I tend to go for more classic bags just because I can't afford to buy a new bag every month (and even if I could I don't know that I would). 1) Speedy (not sure if I want 25 or 30) 2) Neverfull PM 3) Tivoli PM (saw a girl carrying this and almost stalked her around the store lol). Which would you pick and why? Do LV retain their value (another downside to Coach. Buy a bag full price a a month later you can't get but 1/3 of the cost sometimes).

I have two kids under 6 so I generally like shoulder bags (and I'm fluffy so it has to have a good drop). I don't mind a satchel at all though.

How do the bags hold up? I don't want to buy something a 6mos later the strap break or a loop for a d ring is coming apart.

Anyone have modeling pictures they wouldn't mind sharing (mostly of the tivoli).

Thanks in advance (now I'm off to search the forum for pix!)


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Nov 20, 2007
welcome to LV :smile: just remember, once u go LV, u tend to not look back! most LV's retain their value very well, some bags more than others depending on their popularity. because the bags are constantly going up in value due to price increases, holding onto a bag for a few years and then selling it will sometimes return all of ur money depending on how well it was taken care of and what the current selling price is! the bags u mentioned are all great, but the tivoli and neverfull pm are quite small for a mom. and the speedy and tivoli are both handhelds. u can find all sorts of pics on here, and it depends on what u want to spend. the quality of LV is pretty good, though any designer's quality seems to be suffering as time goes on. the neverfull has a decent shoulder drop and is at a lower pricepoint, maybe check out the mm or gm. it has thin straps, but they've been weight tested to withstand pressure - as long as ur shoulder can handle it! if i had to pick among the three u mentioned, i would go tivoli (cuz its so darn cute! but not sure of its practicality) or speedy 30 cuz thats classic and roomy (and retains value very well!). if u're willing to spend more $$, there are many other options to consider.....good luck!


Nov 7, 2006
The vanchetta part of Monogram bags can be bothersome to some. Some like it pristine which requires babying of the bag until it reaches a honey colored patina. (You can't take the bag into the rain or have it in contact with any drops of water as it will leave marks on the vanchetta. Sweaty palms will leave marks also.) While others don't mind the vanchetta getting dirty/dark. Depending on your preferences, you might want to look at Damier Ebony bags.

As far as your bag choices go, you might have issues with slinging the bags over your shoulder. The Speedy is a handbag so that's a no go as far as the shoulder. The Neverfull PM and the Tivoli PM don't have very long drops in the handles, so you might have issues with it fitting over your shoulder. One of my heavier friends has a Neverfull PM; while it does go over her shoulder, she finds it very snug and uncomfortable. The Tivoli PM isn't meant to be a shoulder bag unless you have a really thin upper arm as it's drop is only a little longer than the Speedy. You might want to upgrade to the Neverfull MM for $50 more and have the longer drop.


Jan 8, 2008
:welcome: As a Mum of 2 girls, ages 2 and 5 years, I would suggest a Damier Neverfull MM. This bag really is fantastic. You do not have to baby it. The size is fantastic and fits really well on my shoulder. I hope this is of some help to you.



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Apr 4, 2008
Did you see my post? I just bought the crossbody Damier Bloomsbury PM and I love it! No more Coach for me! :O


I have my first LV bag (epi patite noe) since I was 18. after 15 yrs later, it still looks like new.. I take good care of my bags though... LV bags last forever.


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Sep 25, 2006
Pacific NW
As far as Coach not retaining their value, (and this is my opinion) it's difficult when the floor sets change every 3-6 months and head to the outlets for 30-70% off. LV NEVER goes on sale. And unfortunately for us, the prices ONLY go UP. In some cases only a limited amount are produced and then that's it, so demand can be high.

As far as I've found LV has ALWAYS stood behind their product. In case of an older product 2+ years, I might have to pay a bit to have it repaired. There have been some exceptions - Miroir being one of them. But for the most part, their bags are really sturdy. The last time I sent a bag into Coach they sent me a 20% off coupon and KEPT MY BAG. I would've liked an option.

I'm not knocking Coach. I have many older Coach bag still. And I've bought 1 or 2 in the last 5 years, but I think I get better value from LV.

But I would never recommend that anyone buy a bag as an investment. I tell my friends to buy what they like - be it at Target, Coach, Hermes, Vuitton or Garage Sale. Just look at make sure you're getting your $$'s worth.

If it's Coach, we're usually checking the outlets.
Jan 15, 2009
Lv retains their value VERY well because Lv doesnt go on sale. There prices actually go up a few times a year. Lv has very good quality. I know what u mean about coach my coach bags are falling apart. I have stopped buying coach. I would say get the speedy but since u want a shoulder bag and u have two kids I would suggest the Neverfull gm. I have it and love it!!
Apr 23, 2007
Welcome to the LV forum! Let me warn you, you will become hooked after your first purchase, so you are on your own since I've warned you:graucho:
You will be delighted with the workmanship of a LV after carrying a Coach bag. Coach years ago when the bags were made in the USA or Italy had great workmanship (Same as the older Dooney bags); however once they outsourced to China workmanship changed drastically and the bags became so mass produced. Coach use to have limited styles and models (as LV) but now Coach changes their styles every couple months. There has been a couple of recent visits to the mall where I have almost purchased a cute Coach bag and thought, gosh its probably going to be 40% off at the Coach outlet and will this be in style next year. Then I think $500 for a bag made in China and then tell myself for that price and some change I can get a LV wallet or accessory or for that matter for a couple hundred more a LV speedy bag and I end up leaving the Coach counter with nothing. As far as resell, Coach does have some resell value, especially if it looks like new condition, but never anywhere close percentage wise as the resell on a LV bag. To give you an example, one LV bag I bought for $380.00 around 2000 I sold on Ebay in 2004 for $450.00 , so I basically covered my cost and then some! I am not saying this for every LV model bag, but at least for most you would get back 60%-70% of retail. One of the reasons for this is because of LV frequent cost increases whereas as you stated with Coach, you buy it retail and 2 months later its in the outlet first at 25 % off and then the 3rd month, 40-50% off! Do not get me wrong, Coach makes some cute style bags and they do catch my eye from time to time; however, I am too critical now with other designers after many years of carrying LVs.


Sep 26, 2007
Central Texas
Thanks for the disclaimer LOL.

I really love designer bags, well quality bags period (it's not about the name) and I'm new to actually purchasing them rather than just admiring from afar lol. I'm just tired of spending good money on bags that don't last long, I've just had some bad experiences with Coach (bags and sales associates alike) and I'm just ready to branch out into other brands and see what they have to offer.

You all have been very helpful and I'm definitely going to do some more research before my first purchase :smile: Thanks a lot for answering my questions!!