Convert Lg Mono Noe to...(!) backpack?

  1. Please don't go "eek!!". I have 7 LV's, one Petit mono Noe. Recently had heart attack and have to sometimes carry small portable oxygen tank-thing. I was thinking about finding a vintage, slightly beat-up large Noe and having attached two of my (genuine) Keepall straps via brass ring near bottom and use as occasional backback. Preference would be finding a medium Randonnee, but can't find reasonable and don't think I want to put $500-700 into this bag right now via Ebay purchase. I'm thinking this bag might get some rough treatment compared to gentleness I treat my other LV's, so thinking 'vintage'. Some may be aghast, but, are there any serious thoughts on my idea? Kate
  2. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear about your health.

    Is it possible to just carry a large Noe on your shoulder with the tank inside?
  3. oh, i'm so sorry to hear about your health. i hope you will get well soon.
  4. I hope that you are feeling better soon Kate!

    I would recommend that you find yourself a bargain piece of LV. They do come up from time to time. You'd be essentially making up a bag that doesn't exist and destroying your Keepall at the same time. Just another thought, unless you just wanted the bag to be LV I'm sure there are some cute non LV bags already in existence that would serve your purpose. JMO.
  5. I'm soo sorry. I hope you get well soon! :smile: