Convert a purse into a backpack?


Apr 3, 2018
Hello TPFers!

I need some advice. I have an I expensive satchel from Target that I no longer use.

I would like to donate it or find a way to use it - but due to the poor design I will need to add d- rings somewhere on the bag. The strap attaches to the handle currentlywhich when the bag is fullcauses it to come open.

I would like to try to add 4 d-ring attachments (to the back?)so that I can convert it into a backpack/purse, like the Zac Posen Eartha.

Who has suggestions of how I might do this? Here are some photos:


I am also ok parting with it - but I do not want it filling up the landfill as I suspect future users will have the same issue as me and toss the bag.

Note that the magnetic clasp can easily be removed (but replaced with what?).

Any advice welcome!
Sep 13, 2007
The prairies of the Midwest
Do you really want a backpack with a flap that could be so easily opened?

An alternative--and this is something I've done to bags--is to put a zipper inside the bag under the flap. Depending upon how the bag is constructed I'll pull up the lining a bit and hand-stitch a zipper to lining. No one can see it. The bag will then stay securely closed no matter how it's pulled or tossed around.

To attach D rings to the bag to restyle it into a backpack you might be able to repurpose the leather from the handle to fashion tabs for the D rings that you'd then sew to the back of the bag. Unless you want to sacrifice some of the leather from the strap.