1. I saw this advertised in recent magazines and thought it was just going to be athletic shoes and clothing, but I just looked at the Target website and saw some of the clothing - it's actually kinda cute! I love some of the dresses (jersey knit, wrap styles) and hoodies - what do you guys think of it? Will you buy it? Is it reasonably priced?

    I honestly had never heard of the Converse One Star line before but I guess its been around for years.
  2. ^^^ I came here to see if anyone had brought it up.... the one star label started over 30 years ago so a lot of the items in target a vintage inspired! I went there today and bought quite a few things... 2 shoes, 2 shirts and a hendly hoodie. However, I just happen to be a converse fan and belive it or not the clothing is pretty good quality for the price. I was hoping that their kids line would fit my daughter but her feet are still too little!
  3. I saw it in the stores and it's really cute IRL (especially the shoes). But I didn't buy any, because the TJ Maxx and Marshalls by me have tons of Converse right now for cheaper than the Target ones :shrugs:

    When they go on sale I'll check them out again. Everything at Target goes on sale eventually...
  4. My TJ maxx and Marshalls don't have any of that right now but I am guessing that its because people wear converse A LOT here. So if they do get them they fly off the shelves
  5. What's the difference between Converse One star and converse All star?
  6. One Stars


    All Stars

  7. Some things are really cute!
    I always liked Converse All Star. Too bad EVERYONE at my school has them!
  8. Oh cute! I'll have to go check them out. Target is so fun.
  9. My shopping list is just growing and growing. Can't wait for my next trip to TX! I'm adding some of the Converse items as we speak :p
  10. I saw them at Target today, and they are priced at $29.99, that's great price comparing with converse all star.
  11. Hello, High School! I thought I got rid of you 10 years ago! LOL, this brings back some fun memories :smile:
  12. I actually think a lot of the pieces are cute. Stuff always looks weird in Target's online photos, so I went to check it out in person and almost bought a few things. I think I will go back today and make a purchase. There are some great casual basic items that fit me really well. There are two shirts in particular that I want - the red button down and the grey sort of sweater-ish material short sleeved top.

    Anyone else getting anything? It's definitely very casual.
  13. This was the pair I liked IRL, but I don't think they don't look that cute online :s...

  14. Hmm, wanted to go look at this IRL today... prices are pretty good!

    Can't say for sure until I see them in person and try them on, but there are a few pairs of shoes/skimmers that look very cute!
  15. will now have to go and check it out!thanks my lovely enablers!