Converse high tops

  1. Do you think they're in, out, whatever?

    Do you own any?

    I've only recently bought my first pair of converse (because they had turquoise fish on them...) and my second pair on Sunday (because they're "mouse" coloured, light brown with a pink trim). They're so comfortable but I've been trying to break my trainer addiction :lol:
  2. I think that they're neither "out" nor "in",they're a classic:amuse: .

    I have black low tops. I am short and just find that the high tops make my legs look very stubby. Not that you'd notice under jeans.

    I'm also looking to buy a lighter colour for summer....

    These shoes are practical,cool and only look better as they get more battered!
  3. i dont own any but i love them! it has a funky edge to them that i love. :heart:
  4. i love them! they are the only trainer i wear! i think they'll be always in!
  5. :nuts: converse ROCKS!!!
  6. i love converse..i have it in black and cream...i wanna have it in grey now!!!
  7. umm.. does anyone think there is an age limit to wear them? honestly... when is it too old to wear converse trainers? (and i am nottalking abt whether your heart feels young or not....)
  8. Agreed! :nuts:

    I don't think they're in or out - they will always be a classic to me :amuse:
  9. yes, i've been wearing converse since i was15!they'll be always classic!!love converse, they're just unique!;)
  10. I saw someone wearing the all white with blue outline (instead of the red). I am currently looking for that one =) they are just so comfy! Better yet, I fit the largest kids size so its like 20 bucks.
  11. Converse is a classic. Everyone at my school wears them. I only have one pair but I love them. It's the fuzzy black and white leopard print high tops.
  12. I don't have any but I saw a pair of red converse high tops with black lace print overlay... I think its a cool feminin twist! I don't know what to wear the high tops with though. Any suggestions? Would love to get the original cream sneakers too.
  13. Oooh, I'd love to see a picture of those ^

    I bet they're really neat. Why don't we all share our pairs? Perhaps they'll inspire others to join :biggrin:
  14. I love my Chuck Taylors. They're classic :biggrin:
  15. I used to own a few pairs, but stopped buying them for a while when they discontinued my favorite color "cinnamon." I got a free pair a few months ago so I started rocking the low-tops again. I got some totally 80s pink/green/purple bubble pattern laces for them.