Converse Chucks...

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  1. what color should I get for my first pair?

    White? Black? Gray? Navy? Brown?
  2. i think black is a great staple for chucks..... what colors do you wear? the gray is nice too....
  3. #3 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    My tops are almost always teal, green, blue, with occasional purples, grays, browns, whites and blacks. I wear dark jeans a lot, I wear brown pants, khaki pants and gray pants also. When I buy shoes I USUALLY buy one black and one brown and sometimes one navy. I am boring as hell. I just wanna be able to wear them with whatever I have on and not look stupid if I wear them with brown pants.

    I have red hair (like copper) and pale yellowy skin, and typically black/gray isn't the most flattering to my face so my tops aren't usually those colors.
  4. i think dark denim would look great with the grey or black and tops don't really matter so much since grey or black will match mostly anything....
  5. True. I guess I just can't wear em with Brown slacks.
  6. I would go with the grey, it will look great with jeans. And I suggest getting low tops, that way you can wear them in the summer (I think they look better with shorts and skirts/dresses than high tops).
  7. Get low tops, and I wear my gray pair to death. LOVE them, the best color I've ever bought!
  8. I definitely will be getting lows. The high tops are extra fug. lol

    I don't wear/own shorts or any skirts. I ALWAYS wear pants unless I am IN the wedding. Doesn't matter how hot it is. I don't show off my legs.

    I will go tonight and check out the colors in person. If the gray is not a weird/ugly gray Ill get the gray, otherwise black. :smile:
  9. Grey, BF and I both have grey and they go with everything. Black are a little too emo, and navy don't look great with jeans (I never wear my navy ones).
  10. Ok thanks you guys!!!
  11. I'd say black, just because it is such a classic. I love my black converses, I've been thinking of getting a pink pair though.. :smile:
  12. I have black low tops and I love them. While I agree they can be emo, I think that at 32 no one would ever mistake me for an emo kid! ;)
  13. For your first pair...I think you should get black low top.

    I have 6-7 pairs of Chucks and I definitely get the most use out of my black low tops.
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. black, totally!