Converse anyone???

  1. I saw a pair of converse today that were a lovely brown...not to dark..with pink detail...I for one moment wished I wore such things!!! If anyone is in the market for these colors...LKM!!! They were $18.99
    I could pick you up a pair. They were too cute.
  2. I love brown/pink together.....reminds me of ice cream!!!
  3. Same! lol My make up bag is brown & pink, it so cute and yummy looking :heart:
  4. haha I :heart: my beat up old black converse.

    but, I tend to dress like an obnoxious scene girl, so I suppose it works for me. :-P

    this combo sounds really cute though!
  5. I've seen the brown/pink Chuck Taylors at the Show Pavilion. They also come in green and another color I can't remember.