Conversation disappears from Jewelry Forum

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  1. Last night several of us were involved in a small chat in the Jewelry Forum concerning whether one of us should wear fake pearls or invest in a cultured pearl strand. It was an interesting discussion (I thought). This morning the whole conversation is gone, wiped from the face of TPF. What happened? Did one of us say something inappropriate? There were no links to commercial sources or nothing inappropriate as far as I could tell.
  2. The OP started the thread originally in Wardrobe and the discussion turned to which shoes with the dress as well. As the Wardrobe thread was the first one, and we don't allow duplicates, the second thread was deleted.
  3. It's undeleted now :smile: Disregard the duplicate posts you may see!
  4. Thanks for the response Swanky and Misticat! I worried we had crossed some TPF line recommending <gasp!> fake pearls. ;)
  5. I love costume jewelry so definitely not! :biggrin:
  6. Oh I do too! That's why I was so delighted that there was finally, finally a discussion in the Jewelry Forum to which I could contribute an opinion (i.e., fake pearls). ;)