conundrum regarding next bag~!

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  1. Have you thought about the Roxbury Drive? It can be both a shoulder bag or a clutch, dressed up or down, and the strap can be removed and used with something else.
  2. Wow you make me want one even more!
  3. Seriously you cannot go wrong with one.... and my eva has a special place in my heart because it was the one that made my partner understand my love for LV! :smooch:

  4. Awwww :biggrin:
  5. i hadn't looked at that one. i'll have to check one out in person and hopefully get to do some side-by-side comparisons :smile:
  6. wow! it blows my mind that so much can fit in such a little bag! i'm really wanting this one now! eeek!!!!! :nuts:
  7. I will try to post piccies tomorrow, shes at home now lol!
  8. i'm looking forward to seeing those!
  9. Damier Ebene Eva
  10. Here you are....

    30ml Lacoste Perfume
    Nude Lipstick
    Ruby & Millie I Writer
    Ruby & Millie Eye Pencil
    Blistex Lip Splash
    2 cards and & some notes
    Wrapped wipes
    I phone
    My Sony Ericcson phone...which is not in the pics because im taking pics with it lol! But i assure you it does fit with some to spare!

    Attached Files:

  11. thanks so much for posting pix of your gorgeous eva and all she holds! i never would have imagined that much would have fit in the bag! :nuts:

    if only the website wasn't out of stock online...
  12. I think it will hold more to be honest...thats more or less all my essentials! Just hang in there....patience is a virtue! You wont regret it once you've bought her!
  13. Definitely the eva, I have it in both ebene and azur love them!! very versatile, and easy to manage, and fits heaps! even i'm surprised. It looks better I rkn, when you stuff it a bit more.
  14. Another vote for the Eva for sure...

    I used it for travelling... it can fit passports and plane tickets perfectly.. so it kept me organized amongst my other luggage...

    I use it inside my Artsy as a pochette to hold hand cream, gum, pen, tissues, etc.

    I use it alone cross-body for a casual bag when I just need my essentials... The gold chain is also surprisingly comfy on the shoulder (I used it this way walking all around Vegas and I barely noticed it was there).

    And of course I use it for dressy occasions, too!
  15. thanks for all the input! i've made up my mind and decided on the eva in damier ebene. of course it's sold out online :sad: BUT i did call my SA and she's sending me the form for a charge send so that i'll be on the waitlist for the eva (there's another lady on the list in front of me tho...)

    now...if i can manage to have some patience!