conundrum regarding next bag~!

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  1. hello everyone!

    i'm torn as to what my next bag will be. right now i have a speedy 35 and a NF GM and an insolite wallet (all in mono). i know that i want something that i can wear over the shoulder and that i can also use if i'm going out and not wanting to carry one of my huge bags. the one that i *think* i want is the eva in the damier (which is sold out online :cry: ), but i did find a pre-loved one in mono at yoogi's. then there's also the thames pm that i think is beautiful, but i dunno if that is more of an everyday bag rather than one to wear out (right now in my head, i think the eva is more versatile). then there's also the sunset blvd (not sure if i'd want rouge fauviste or amaranthe) which i think is tremendously gorgeous, but prolly not as versatile as the thames or eva.

    if any of you lovely tpf'ers have or have considered these bags, please feel free to provide some insight or pros/cons. so far b/c of the shortage, i've been unable to do side-by-side comparisons of these bags.

    thanks in advance for your help!!!!:biggrin:
  2. I'd wait for the damier Eva...
  3. I do not own a LV clutch at the moment but I think that the eva clutch is so versatile in damier and is one I am holding out for. I have also watched youtube vids of this clutch and surprisingly it can hold quite a substantial amount for just a clutch. Even though there is an LV shortage at the moment, I would recommend you hold out for the clutch as it is seems to me you really want this particular bag.
  4. my gut also tells me that the eva in the damier is my first choice. i'm just impatient when i want something! not that i think anything is wrong with the mono, but i just prefer the look of the damier in that particular bag.

    @*Sai*--do you have any links for the videos showing the eva? i'd love to see how much the bag can hold since it doesn't look very large.
  5. I would go with the Thames...spacious, versatile and looks really gorgeous! The Eva is cute (I have it) but doesn't fit that much.
  6. I would go with the Thames also..
    It could be dress up and down (:

    But for myself, I'm looking for an eva also right now.
    I need some small clutches in my life! Lol
  7. I would go for the Thames. It is girly and can be dressed up or down. It also holds more things than the eva! good luck!
  8. wow this is going to be a tough decision!!!

    at first i was thinking the main comparison would be between the eva and the sunset blvd, but now you guys are giving me lots of food for thought between the eva and the thames :thinking:
  9. I found this video very helpful in reviewing the eva clutch (although she shows it in the monogram). I really was reluctant on purchasing this, but the girl on here shows the different ways of wearing it and also she shows how much stuff you can put in it. Please note I have given the link to part 1 of the video and there is a part 2 to this too. Hope this helps :graucho:
  10. I have the Eva in Damier and it's LOVELY, definitely wait for that one! :tup:
  11. I own 2 evas one in mono the other in damier ebene, love them both to pieces. I use my damir for going out as it's more dressy and my mono is an everyday bag. :smile:
  12. what a great review. thanks for posting that link Sai:smile:
  13. Thanks so much posting the link for this review!!!!
  14. Let us know what you decide to do please! :smile:
  15. Definitely the Eva! I bought it in Azur as I wanted it for the summer to go with all the White outfits I prefer to wear at that time. It's great and holds a quite a bit! I can get 2 phones, small 30ml perfume, mini hairbrush, tissues, individually wrapped wipes, eyeliner, lipstick, a few cards and notes (not in a coin purse... But will be purchasing the Pomme Cles especially for my Eva! It is quite full at this stage as you can imagine! I usually wear it crossbody if I'm out shopping or at work, but when I'm out with my partner i use the chain over my shoulder, if it's a formal occasion then I use it as a wristlet! It's a useful size and I love the inventeur plate on the Damier versions. I also sometimes use it as a pochette in my larger bags... The gold chain hooked onto the D ring. Would love all 3 one day!