Conundrum: Do I Keep or Do I Return?

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  1. I bought a truly fabulous Chanel J12 with a diamond bezel and dial from a well known consigner. The watch was described only as "Excellent" with "light scratches on hardware." The watch arrived today, and it has significant scratches, visible to the naked eye, especially in natural light, on the crystal. Scratches on hardware are one thing, they can easily be buffed away by a jeweler. But a scratched sapphire crystal would have to be replaced by Chanel, at some expense. And it should've been noted in the description.

    All else seems to be fine. But the one thing I did NOT want was a chipped or scratched crystal and I carefully viewed and enlarged the pictures in the listing to check for this. The scratches cannot be felt with my finger tip, but my fingernail can catch them. :/ I expected better from this seller.

    Now, the watch retails for $14K. The three on EBay are selling between $8K and $12K. I purchased this when it hit 30% off at $4900, a really nice deal. It is easy enough to return. I have 30 days to decide. I vacillate between just return it or I can live with it and will have Chanel replace the crystal when the battery dies. Opinions?
  2. How much to replace the crystal?
  3. Trying to find out now. But since I bought it second hand, who knows if they will accept it for repair?

    Edit: Looks like only $200-300.
  4. maybe use some of your 30 days to get quotes for repair and see if that would be possible down the line, if you decide to keep it. that might help you decide one way or another. if it was fashionphile, then you can always keep it for 90 days instead and sell it back to them if you decide you made a mistake. it sounds like you're not 100% pleased though and that's never good way to start out w/an expensive purchase. imho.
  5. Hmm. I think I would actually consider if I could live with it, till I was able to get it replaced. (and obvs, you'd need to confirm beforehand that they would actually do it and exactly how much it would be)

    If it was the top end of your estimate, still looks like you have a good deal. Yes, annoying the description wasn't great, but could still be worth your time?

    Another option (again after making sure that the crystal *can* be replaced and for how much) would be to contact your seller and say how disappointed you are, you are checking how much it will be to replace the crystal and have they any thoughts? Who knows, they may fess up for the replacement?

    Good luck what ever you decided.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. I am considering contacting the seller, although I don't expect any reimbursement.
  7. I'll keep it and repair it, you got yourself a great deal!
  8. Is it a watch you have been searching for? Do you think you will find another at this price? If yes and no, I would keep it.
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    Since the scratches are more visible that the seller's description &
    you are not asking for reimbursement, would splitting the cost of a
    new bezel be something you would consider asking the seller?

    I like to give the seller the benefit of the doubt.. perhaps it was
    an oversight not noticing how deep the scratches were, that's
    why I'd ask...

    You got a good deal on this watch in spite of the condiiton but
    I would want to know the cost of the repair & if Chanel will replace
    the bezel before I'd make a final decision.

    If the purchase was made on ebay & you do return it, your feedback
    mgiht reflect that the description has more scratches than described
    & the seller might have to lower the price when relisted, so you might
    as well ask the question (about split expense) you never know what the
    seller might say.. Seller could also replace the bezel & relist for a higher
    price... its a crap shoot

  10. It's a crystal, not a bezel.
    OP, I would want Chanel to confirm that a crystal replacement is doable without being especially risky, given that this is a ceramic watch. You wouldn't want to opt for replacement only to find out that you take on a higher than typical risk of breakage, compared to a metal. I don't know this to be the case, but I would want to ask about it.
  11. Yep, been watching this one for a long time, and no, this price isn't coming around again. I'm going to keep it. I'm just really annoyed with the seller.
  12. I agree that I wouldn't ask or even imply that you're looking for any compensation but I definitely think you should let the seller know about the scratched crystal. In fact, I would let the seller know you're willing to pay $200-300 for a new crystal but you'd wished the pictures and description had disclosed it.

    I found it interesting that it seems to be a pattern to not disclose "issues" in listings for expensive watches.

    I wanted to see if I could see any scratches on the crystal so I searched. There were two listings I found for watches that could match your description.

    Since you only mention the scratched crystal and nothing about the bezel, I assume your bezel has all its diamonds. (One of the listings shows a watch that's missing a diamond in the bezel and it's not disclosed! And it's described as NWT. That would tick me off!)

    For the listing I think you purchased, it has pictures that appear retouched because there's no indication. Usually by looking at the enlarged pictures, there's some indication of a scratch.
  13. BB, it was through the consignee's website, not EBay. I'll give you the link for the completed sale here. Look at the description and enlarge the pictures. I just can't see scratches. I had to use a loupe to see them indoors, but once I got outside they were clear.

    (The majority of the scratches are over the diamond dial area, of course since they weren't mentioned in the listing, who would know?)
  14. I see several spots but I suspect they're dust or marks on camera lens.

    I do see something just above and to the right of the 6 although that might be a reflection.

    And there's a small horizontal line at the bottom of the 7.

    The ONLY reason I'm seeing anything is because I know something is there. If I were looking at the listing without knowing there's a scratch to see, I'd not have seen anything. It's something FP should have disclosed.

    Knowing who the seller is, I'm doubtful that you'll be offered compensation for the replacement crystal.

    (And interestingly, it's a white version of the same watch that has a diamond missing from the bezel.)
  15. Yes, the spots in the enlarged pictures don't match the scratches. In the picture of the watch on it's side you can see something over the word Chanel in the pave diamonds, but you have to be looking very closely.