Controversy On The Set Of 'ANTM'

  1. This week's episode of 'America's Next Top Model', in which the photo-shoot challenge found the myriad mannequins making like crime-scene corpses, has come under fire from women's-rights groups, with the president of the New York City chapter of the National Organization for Women calling the stunt "supremely ironic" for a show "geared toward women and about women, and about glamour."

    As the NOW prez tells the New York Daily News, "Violence against women is such a reality in our society that I certainly don't need the entertainment industry making entertainment out of it."

    The CW declined comment on the scrape, while a rep for Top Model tyrant Tyra Banks didn't return the News' calls.
  2. OMG! get over it! it's an art for God's sake.
    why are people being too sensitive lately?
  3. ITA, people are always taking things the wrong way. I highly doubt it was intended to offend.
  4. for argument's sake: it is trying to cause this stir though, right? I mean this is TV - is the show not doing so well?

    I found on BB that often,as viewer nos dropped, they started to do ridiculous stuff to get people interested again.
  5. I am not offended, as a woman. It's photography. That's just me, though. I do admit, it's a little strange, and I'd rather look at someone "alive," but I wouldn't take it so far as the rights group did.
  6. That doesn't offend me any more than all those television shows glorifying violence. :rolleyes:
  7. Please. I've seen worse on the 5:00 news. Sometimes, these are crimes committed against women BY women. Geesh.

    This organization needs to choose their battles a little more carefully.
  8. Agreed!
  9. I think there are things happening in the world that are far worse than what is going on in a reality show about models.

    It's when people read into things too much that it starts to become a problem.

    It was a photoshoot. Not once in the episode did they even come close to endorsing violence against women.
  10. This was my initial reaction too !
    This is the 8th season. You see the winners from past seasons scattered around various venues opening malls, making small appearances here and there, attending parties, modeling in mediocre fashion shows.

    The concept is wearing thin.
  11. I agree - I don't think any of the 7 previous Top Models actually made it as a top model.
  12. Take a chill pill
  13. I'm fine with the concept, its interesting. Does not offend me whatsoever.
  14. To me, it's not so much offensive as simply UGLY. Realistically, these shoots came up with pictures that would give me a gut reaction against whatever the ad was for. Perhaps others have different perceptions of "art" and that's fine - it's a free country - but to associate a brand with filthy bathrooms and dead women just doesn't float my boat.

    And I agree regarding the publicity stunt aspect. The show is getting desperate to generate some buzz.
  15. Danica

    You mean your fine with the theme of the last photo shoot right ? So am I. The concept of the entire show "Looking For Americas Next Top Model " Is what's wearing thin for me.