Controversial topic inside....

  1. Thinking about the way the world works after that pinching pennies to buy birkin thread, I'm wondering which of these three I should do first. I don't want to do all three at once, and risk overwhelming my DH!

    Need a new SUV (the R Rover is on its last legs)
    Need that 35cm vert anis ostrich birkin
    Need a little liposuction.

    Scary thing is, the bag is almost as much as the car! Well, getting there.

    Which one would YOU do first? The bag is sort of time-sensitive, while the others are not, but I do have a lot of other H's not like I'll die without it.

  2. Bag
    car (after all, if you need a new car, DH will be more sympathetic to this than the other things on your list and will put this on the 'my wife must have now' list)
  3. Lease a car (monthly payments vs a big chunk of $$$ all at once), join the gym (monthly membership fee is much less than a cost of a liposuction) and voila! you have enough to buy the bag too!:graucho: But seriously, from what I gather, you already have an outstanding bag collection! I would go for the car and the body first!:yes:
  4. Well, I'm not a car person and I take public transportation. So, I would say bag first!
  5. That's true! And if I can manage to pay cash for the bag, he'll never see it on my cc.:ninja: I'm so sneaky!
  6. LOL!!!!!!!! omg......I love the title of this thread.....sucked me RIGHT in!

    hmmmmmm.....let's see.....

    1. Bag
    2. Lipo
    3. Car (let the one you have fall apart before buying a new one....that's my philosophy on cars.....)

    Yep! That's what I'd do!!!!
  7. I hate to say it but it seems like you will soon need an a Birkin then lipo which I don't think you really need and why would you want that?
  8. I already exercise....the gym's not an option. Sometimes, we have a teeny tiny spot that you could exercise yourself to death for, and it still won't go away...I hear green calling!
  9. After two kids I am the same.... a size 2 but needs a little lipo....
  10. Shopmom, I knew it would get your attention!!! :roflmfao: and I saw you pounce all over it! I'm leaning towards your suggestion. First the most timely, then the most pressing (I need to get rid of you know what before my skin starts being less elastic) and DH can take care of the car. voila!:love:
  11. 1. Car (cause you don't want to be stranded on the side of the road with your Birkin! ;) )
    2. Bag (Love Vert Anis!)
    I can't even list Lipo because any kind of surgery scares me!!! :shame:
  12. Oh Rose, I adore you. Size 2 after TWO children? I'd trade places with you in a second. I used to be a size 4. Now I'm definitely not a size 4 but I'm on a mission!
  13. Car for me, cos I can't get anywhere without mine (but over here, the car would be worth many many Hermes bags.)
  14. The car is prob. last because I can use DH's car service anytime in the city, but I like to have my big, hulking SUV so I can get a little privacy once in a while and go wherever I please. Freedom is priceless!:yes:
  15. Okay, if size 2s and size 4s need lipo, I'm in trouble.

    Anyhow, I'd do car first assuming it really is about to die on you, then bag; otherwise, I agree with Shopmom, that you need to drive that thing into the ground before buying (that thing starts depreciating as soon as you drive it off the lot!), in which case that leaves bag for first pick!