Controversial Debate on Fake Bags

  1. I got some great giggles on that. The hypocriticalness (sp?) goes both ways.
    It's a PURSE WANK.
  4. haha i actually posted that link on my LJ because I was so amused...but then one of my friends went "wow I dont understand people who pay $300 for a purse that is just going to go out of style" I just told her...."don't ever ask about mine" :yes:
  5. I didn't read it all, because I hate the way LJ discussions are threaded, but Britney's purse isn't so much a fake as it is designer inspired. You can buy those bags from kiosks in most malls these days. I know there's such a kiosk in my local mall. They even have the interlocking O bags like Brit is carrying.
  6. Britney doesn't even care enough about her own children to stay home at night and raise them so is it really any surprise that she doesn't care if she carries a knock-off bag? Seriously, this is really shocking to people?