1. What exactly is the controllato card?
    Anyone know?
  2. i think it's the small paper card with the numbers from 1 to 9.
    b bags come with this, with the paper with the name and year on it, and the logo.
  3. Yeah I knew it was the card with the numbers 1-9 but like earthkeeper I was wondering it's purpose.
  4. Nooooobody knows... ;) or at least I don't know - some other brands come with a similar card too. For a while you could buy them in bulk on iOffer, because replica sellers thought that was the critical thing to put in their auctions.
  5. How about the notches on the Lampo zippers -- what do those mean, LP? :smile:
  6. yup - I get that - but what is it's purpose for existing?
  7. :confused1: uNkOwN:borg:
  8. they sure don't prove authenticity... they seem easy to copy
  9. My guess is they are a quality control inspection slip.
  10. I have no idea. Since they're not actually an identifier of any kind, I've always thought they were a little silly. I mean, it's not like the numbers are circled or checked in some kind of code!

    When I next to go BalNY, I will ask. Maybe we'll learn some deep, dark Balenciaga secret!
  11. Cool - thanks highgloss

    I so envy you for living in the same city as BalNY, you're so lucky! You can just take a Saturday afternoon stroll to the store whenever you feel like it.
  12. I was curious about this too.

  13. :roflmfao: LOL, monsoon, you're mean! and you read atelier too carefully!