Controllato card and tag

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  1. Still looking for my bag... Does the Balenciaga come with a controlatto card saying 1234567890?
    I also heard the tag is supposed to be inside the bag, and not attached to it with a thread. Does it mean a bag with a tag+thread is a fake one? Before I get 1200 $ dollars poorer, i 'd rather make sure I do not feed an online thief! :rolleyes:
  2. You can always post any bag you're interested in in the 'authenticate this' forum.

    With that said, the Balenciaga tag comes attached with a black thread and a safety pin, there is a controlotto card, and a season/information card -- but a lot of people don't keep them. I know some of my bags have everything, some have just the tag, some have nothing! It doesn't determine the authenticity of the bag though.
  3. Thanks Mimi! (that's my Mum's name!:amuse:) I will in the other section of the forum. I hope I get some help!
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