contrast stitching - fan or not?

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  1. I want to get the large ergo tote in black - but wondering about the contrast stitching.

    what do you guys think about it?
  2. I can't specifically talk about the ergo, but in general I like the contrast stitching - I know it's an issue for some, but for whatever reason it appeals to me.
  3. ^ ITA. I haven't seen the Ergos to say whether or not I like it on that specific bag but, in general, I LOVE contrast stitching on bags.
  4. it really depends on the bag for me - so i guess i won't be too helpful here, since i would have to see the ergo in real life to decide. sometimes it really does make or break the bag for me though!
  5. I like it.
  6. i'm not so fond of contrast stitching in general.
  7. I abhore the contrast stitching on the black bags. It cheapens the whole look of the purse. I wish they wouldn't do it.
  8. I really like contrast stitching, especially on black or other dark bags. It makes it look a little more casual, which fits my wardrobe better. Of course, it depends on the bag itself, too, and the colour of the stitching. There was a black leather hamptons tote a while back that I loved but it had blue stitching. That would've driven me crazy because I never wear blue and even though it was subtle, I would've felt like it was clashing with everything I own (I wear lots of reds, pinks, greens, etc.).
  9. i like the contrast stitching,I view as a funky add on.
  10. don't like it
  11. I like it myself.
  12. I generally like it.
  13. haha, anyone want to answer for me?

    In all serious no, I find most contrasting stitching to be rather cheapish, and too trendy for my taste. It's cost many sales on my part, because I'm so anal and can't stand the stitching. It's taken this long for the striped wristlet to grow on me because of the stitching.
  14. I haven't seen ergo in person myself, so the contrasting stitching with its contemporary, sleek shape could work.