Contrast stitching anyone?

  1. Just wondering if Kelly's with contrast stitching make the bag more "casual"? I'm loving these now......but........I originally thought so but now I'm thinking maybe the contrast makes the bag a bit more dressy??????

    Just wondering is all.......:shame:

    .....anyone have pics you could share????:nuts:
  2. I think the leather is a deciding factor with this question. Black box with contrast could be dressy, but white stitching with gold togo would be more casual to me. So color and leather make the difference!
  3. I think it makes it look more casual, but that probably depends on the colors!
  4. Very well put. I agree:yes:. I may add that a contrast stitching on the croc makes it look more casual to me.
  5. Courtesy of Ghost55: BJ 28cm Kelly w/white contrast stitching. I think it makes it dressier, even in BJ.
    74e0_0.JPG 75c7_12.JPG 753a_12.JPG 7376_1.JPG
  6. To me honestly, they are more casual, still beautiful!
  7. I think MrsSparkles has two bags with white stitching but I can't remember what I THINK is Thalassa???? MRSS where are you?!?!?!?! LOL!!!!!

    What about a red bag with contrast stitching?
  8. All my Kellys have contrast stitching (black box, rouge H chamonix, barenia naturel). On those leathers I definitely like the contrast stitching, makes it more elegant IMO. Same goes for gold, etoupe, sable in togo/clemence. IMO it's a case-by-case decision.
  9. I don't particularly know, either way, because all I see when I look at happy4ever's raisin birkin with contrast stitching, I see nothing but fabulous. :drool:

    I think contrast stitching could work to your advantage, either way you want to go with it!
  10. Goofed on that post! Wanted to say that gold with contrast is more casual:push:
  11. A red box calf with black stitching would look dressy to me. I would love to see that!:p
  12. I love contrast stitching but I do think that it lends itself to a more casual look. My dream bag would be a :heart:Rouge H Kelly:heart: with white contrast stitching, but I would definantely use it for everyday especially since I don't really do many "formal" functions. I also like the way many of the Bolides look with contrast stitching but for both bags I think that a darker color (but not black) looks best with white or a coordinating lighter color stitching. Some how lighter colors like gold just kind of look messy with light contrast stitch, but that just IMHO!

  13. I agree :tup: because it sounds like you're saying that the true idea of contrast is to have something dark with something light, not something light with another light color on it.
  14. This is a great question. My feeling is that contrast stitching, even taking into account different leathers/colors, makes the bag more casual. I have a red bag with silver contrast stitching and I think it would be more "serious" if it were the same color as the leather.
  15. I think it depends on the tone of red. Rouge H - yes, rouge vif - no.