Contractor found 182,000 in bathroom wall!


    To sum it up: a lady hired a contractor, a high school friend, to do some work in her house. He ended up finding $182,000 in Depression-Era cash. The money is in great condition, some of the bills are very rare, so it's estimated to be worth up to $500,000. They did trace it back to the owner, but he died unmarried and childless. So no heirs.

    When he found it he called and told her. They ended up agreeing on a 10% finders fee to him. Well.... now he wants 40%. The lawyers have been called in. Unless they settle it's up to a judge or jury.

    I personally think he should get some. 10% seems fair to me. What do you think?
  2. Well she owned the home so I'm pretty sure that she could keep all the money legally. However, a 10% finder's fee seems reasonable.

    I remember seeing a case in my business law book about a couple who bought a safe at an auction that the auction house never bothered to unlock, then the couple got it unlocked and found like $30,000 in it. When the auction house found out about it, they said that the money was theirs, but the courts said that the safe was purchased outright by the couple, and therefore whatever is in the safe is their property as well.

    So since the lady owned the home, the money is hers to keep, and whether she gives any of it away is her business.
  3. I hope that guy gets nothing for being greedy.

    What is WRONG with people these days?
  4. Wow, sounds like Junior Soprano's house. LOL
  5. You know what you're right. I meant to say that the 10% was fair BEFORE he got all "smart" and got a lawyer. I now hope he's left with nothing by a huge bill from his lawyer.
  6. ^ITA. If I were the lady I would have agreed upon 10%, but asking for 40% AFTER is ridiculous. Even if he did "find it" it still legally belongs to the owner of the house.
  7. I also agree. 10% is perfectly fine, and he's being greedy asking for 40%. By rights, the woman doesn't have to give him ANYTHING, she paid him to do a job. If he lawyers up, he's probably going to lose whatever he would have gotten anyway...

    I hate greedy people.
  8. ^^ ITA! he shouldn't get any for being so greedy!
  9. Well......that's a shocker. I'm surprised he doesn't want it all.:rolleyes:
  10. 10% was fair.

    He got greedy, and now he should get nothing.
  11. I saw this on the news this morning of course, the lawyers will get rich!
  12. How odd... I do agree he is being greedy.
  13. I was gonna say that 10% seems fair for a finder's fee, but then I saw that he wanted 40%. I think he should get nothing now for being so greedy. It is HER house, he was only doing some work, legally it is hers, right? If they decided to fight this in the court of law, that money will be almost non existent. Think of all the fees for the lawyers, bla bla bla. Lawyers do get a slice of the pie.

    Did he say why he thinks he is entitled for 40% of that money?
  14. I just read more to this story, and I have to add that the contractor does have a plus point for being honest in the first place. Apparently, the owner of the house was away at work when he discovered the money, but he called her right away and she came home. He could've stayed quiet about it and took everything, but he did not.

    He also said that the house owner was reneging her promise to give him the 10% fee. She said, he refused the 10% offer and demanded 40%. Which one is right, who knows.

    I think it's sad that only coz of money, 2 friends are no longer speaking unless it's thru their lawyers.
  15. yes, he was honest enough to tell her BUT he wants to be rewarded for being honest. He SHOULD be honest no matter what the situation is!