Continuing to grow!!!!!

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  1. Here are some updated pics of my growing collection! MIA is my LV Croissant, which is being borrowed by my mother. I have another Balenciaga tentatively coming this month and I am on the wait list for a Watercolor Speedy...but here it is for now!

    From back to front:
    LV Tivoli GM, LV Madeleine GM,
    Mary Frances black evening bag hiding behind the Marc Jacobs Cherry Blossom Venetia, LV Damier Speedy 30,
    LV MC Pochette, Balenciaga City in light magenta,
    LV P-T wallet


    Louis Love


    The newest arrival

  2. Nice collection, FlgirlFM! Wishing you many more to come! :yes:
    Love how the pinks look with the LVs!
  3. :girlsigh: *Sigh!* you have all the bags I want - Tivoli GM, MJ Venetia and Bbag...:nuts: Lucky girl! Congrats on a gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Madeleine GM to die for! :heart:
  5. love the tivoli!!!!!
  6. Love the Tivoli and Venetia!
  7. Your Madeleine GM is HOT! :love:
  8. Love everything. So beautiful and colorful. (Little biased towards the Venetia!)
  9. Wow ~ Cherry Blossom Venetia - yummy!

    Great collection!
  10. Nice Collection, love your B bag