Continued production??

  1. I have a few questions about the following styles of bags - will they continue to be produced....

    1.) Reissues 2.55 - will they continue to be a part of Chanel's lineup?

    I know certain colors are seasonal, etc...but are the reissues a permanent part of Chanel's line now?

    Or will the reissues as a whole be discontinued in the future ?

    If so - does anyone know when?

    2.) Classic Flap Caviar with Modern Chain - I am thinking more of the med 226 size with the silver modern chain.

    Will the classic flap in caviar with the silver modern chain be a permanent item in the line up?

    Or not?

    3.) How long has Chanel been using the caviar leather style?

    I am just full of questions today :confused1:- thanks for any insight.:smile:

    Tomorrow I am taking pictures of my new babies to post.:yahoo:
  2. Wow.. I want answers to this question myself=)
  3. Any information / help on these questions? TIA !!