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  1. shiny new thread!
  2. Ohh Ohh!!!
  3. hey beb! how goes it?
  4. Hellllloooo MJ Ladies!
  5. Yaaaay!! Hi Coop!!! :biggrin::biggrin::yahoo:
  6. WARNING.... Rant coming....

    Okay, so I have posted a bag for sale on a site-which-shall-not-be-named (yet) and my bag is now under "routine controle". I have posted tons of pics within one f**** hour of receiving their mail and it now has been four days and my ad still hasn't been put online. As someone who knows about these bags and who doesn't sell nor even touches fakes I am not only mad (furious) I am also offended! Never did I have to put up with this c**p, and I have sold other high end items on that particular site, so it baffles me that I am receiving such poor service!
    Worst thing: I actually reported a fake on myself not too long ago on that same site!!
  7. Oh, and yay for the new thread!!
  8. i like new things.

    how's everyone doing? i'm waiting out the hours until i get my hair cut. minutes. are. dragging.

    sco, you have nothing to say to me? nothing? NOTHING?
  9. HI everyopne!
    ML that is soooo frustrating! Happens to me seemingly all the time~ my listings never show up and I have to contact them via email and say "what's up? Can you puh-leeeease check my listings and post them??" then they do. Did you try emailing?
  10. Faith Ann: whatchu planning for your hair? Anything new/funky? I am currently sportin' a platinum mohawk....again...
  11. is this bonz we're talking about? i'm going to assume so since i've never had an issue with the bay, but bonz, on the other hand, takes forever to post things lately. sorry you're experiencing that, marie, hope it gets sorted out soon.

    hey cooper! no i wish i was that adventurous. i just need layers put back in since they've grown out.
  12. Well... yeah... But still one particular hair adventure does come to mind... ;)

    BTW: it is not bonz unfortunately :sad: I have a feeling they would actually be more professional. I use a "local" high end designer resell site, because I find that it is easier to sell (and def easier to find buyers) when you sell locally. I would def prefer selling on bonz or eBay.COM but with the customs and high shipping costs it is one big nightmare, and that is why I buy and sell "in Europe". Downside is definitely that both buyer and seller market are muuuuch bigger in the states and I def miss out on alot this way :sad:
  13. ha, correction, then: i wish i could be adventurous with decent results. the most i usually ever do is put red streaks in my hair, which i'll probably get around to tomorrow.

    i don't know about the market being bigger in the states these days, really. almost everything i sell goes out internationally, but i understand it's nice to have options.
  14. ooh, red streaks sound fun, faith! i don't get anywhere near as adventurous as that. as soon as i'm allowed to dye my hair i'm going to dye my dark brown hair a darker brown. see, now that's REALLY boring.

    sorry you're having such selling woes marie! i hate selling. eBay, bonz, they're all pretty annoying.

    coop, what's new?
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