continuation of "I can't stand waiting"...

  1. Yes, my bag is here. I have been searching and waiting for a Vintage Ligne Square bag to appear. I finally found one in a gorgeous dark gray with gunmetal hardware. It is gently used but looks almost brand new to me. The only flaw is that it sits pretty slouchy because you can tell its just been sitting in a dust bag in a closet for a while. The VL distressed leather is perfect for me because I need a very practical bag that can take a little wear and tear (I have a 2 and a 3 year-old). From everythng I know about Chanel, the bag looks 100% authentic to me. I know it's always a gamble when you buy things on eBay. I paid quite a bit for it considering it is "gently used" but I think the gray color made it generate more interest. The only thing that I'm not sure about is a small leather tag on the inside of the interior zippered pocket of the bag that reads, "PRESSE" (there is also the traditional small leather tag on the outside of that same pocket that reads "CHANEL made in Italy). Does anyone know what the PRESSE tag means? Thanks for sharing in my new purchase! I'll try to take and post some pics later.
  2. mine doesn't have anything like that.
    My Vintage Tote has an inside pocket w/ only a hologram in it.
    The zipper pull shouldn't be leather, it should be matching hardware as the rest of the bag.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean Swanky? I didn't mention anything about the zipper pull (the zipper pull in my new bag is in fact metal and matches the hardware of the bag). My VL is not the tote it is the small square one. I was referring to a small leather tag sewn on the the inside of an interior pocket of the bag. On the outside of the interior pocket there is the standard small leather tag that reads "Chanel made in Italy" and on the inside of that same pocket there is another small black leather tag that reads "PRESSE".
  4. it's hard to understand sometimes. . . sorry I misunderstood.
    Where is your hologram? Mine is in that pocket.
    That's all I was trying to convey in my first comment.
  5. oh, presse, means press in English:yes:No idea what that 'means' for Chanel.
  6. This is wierd. I've read that some times certain designers stamp press or media sample bags with presse/press. I have every indication that this bag is real. Top quality leather, perfect stitching, all appropriate markings and hardware, quilting lines up, hologram sticker/auth. card, etc. I truly believe this bag is real but this "presse" tag is throwing me for a loop???? I have a call in to my SA in Chanel/Charlotte to see if she can find an answer for me. I'm so confused!
  7. It'll be good if you can share some pics with us....
  8. I'm not trying to insinuate your bag isn't authetic, just trying to help you w/ your questions.

    Can you tell me where you find your hologram sticker?
  9. I certainly don't feel insulted. I appreciate any feedback I can get. My hologram sticker is attached to one of the bottom corners on the inside of the bag. It looks exactly like all of the other holoram stickers on my other Chanels as well as the authenticity card.
  10. I was bidding on a bag on eBay with the 'presse' markings, according to that auction, it means it was a sample given to press for free, I guess to try out so they can give a review? Take some pics and post in the 'authenticate' thread, they'll be able to tell you for sure! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. pics pics pics!
  12. ooh really looking forward to seeing your new bag :smile:
  13. Okay, this is a first so it took me a while. Here are some pics of my new bag. Some of them look a little glossy due to the flash. I tried to get a good pic of that wierd "PRESSE" tag on the inside, interior pocket. What do ya'll think???????????? new chanel 001.jpg

    new chanel 002.jpg

    new chanel 003.jpg

    new chanel 004.jpg

    new chanel 005.jpg
  14. More...
    new chanel 006.jpg new chanel 007.jpg new chanel 008.jpg
  15. Simply beautiful!