continental plum

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  1. what do you lovely ladies think of this purse. i have 2 other purses a white jennah and choc zipped but im trying to justify another lol. i was given some john lewis vouchers which will cover half of the cost. i have no knowledge of drummed patent can anyone please advise..x
  2. No knowledge of the drummed patent, but I think plum is a lovely colour!
  3. thanks i think im gonna press buy i lurve the colour, and the leather as i dont have any patent i just wanted some advise on how it holds up i remember problems with the RN last year but cant remember if it was the same leather..
  4. Messy, I was cooing over it today, I would totally buy it if I could ;)
  5. I had an iPhone case in black drummed patent which was really robust. If it is the same leather then I would def recommend it for a purse.
  6. ok i just got back from trafford and i have it, its soo shiny lol i love it i just need to move everything now. the LL purse in plum is the exact same colour as my cerise daria just different leather. he he i will upload a pic later with the help of my DH. x
  7. Messy - look forward to your reveal of your purse! The fruity colours are so lovely! :biggrin:
  8. Oooh fab! Looking forward to pics x