Contest: Mom & Daughter Time

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  1. Time to give away some more free stuff! You know you love it, don't even... :nuts:

    This week's contest is all about the PF mommies & their PF daughters!! :amuse:

    To keep the contest easy - tell us why you and your daughter, or you and your mother should win these two fun bags from La Neige Purse!! Convince us!!

    We're looking for funny and creative ideas! All submissions in this thread please, we're accepting entries until Friday night, 11:59pm EST. The best 5 entries will be posted for our members to vote on.




    Good luck mommies or daughters!!! :nuts:
  2. Cool :nuts:
  3. WE(my 9 year old and I) deserve these bags because we live with a PHH(=purse hating hubby)..yes.-HE invented and deserved this title! specific PHH believes all of us at the PF have OCD with handbags....and shouldnt get make him suffer and give his 9 year old her first bag....LOL!!
  4. I have a gut feeling that I am having a I think we should win so I can get her started on purses nice and early. And if it's a boy I will donate them to a little girl at church who's mom has MS.
  5. Wish I could play (maybe next time I will have a girl)! Sounds fun! Good luck to everyone!
  6. My Mom and I are both kicking cooporate butts as Engineers (she is Civil, I'm Electrical). However, our fashion sense is in DIRE need of a boost/makeover.. dare I say start? :shame: We joined Purse Forum together... Winning would surely get our fashion backwards-selves going in the right direction!! Thank you!!
  7. :lol: :lol: ! Goodluck to you all!
  8. Sorry,I know you are just trying to enter a contest,and I think donating the purses,would be an awsome idea,but would you be donating the purses to the little girl,because her mom has ms?? Because my mom has ms,and If your only doing it because you feel bad for the little girl,its not a good idea.
  9. Good luck to you Jill,you and your daughter totally deserve this!
  10. My Mom and I live in different Countries.

    It is hard on us both and knowing that we could win these purses would create a Mommy and Me memory - if we won then we would be able to look at these beautiful totes and in some way bring our love a little closer in sharing the same handbag.

    (her granddaughter would love the experience as well):love:
  11. Me and my Mom deserve these bags because it will bring back all of those great memories of her teaching me to drive. Hold on to your seatbelt, er seatbelt bag Mom!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thats so sweet! Good luck happypug, OMG I'm still so very happy for you.

    Wish I could play, that brown one is adorable. GL ladies!
  13. Although I know many of you feel this way (about each of our great moms) my mom is a great human being, she always gives without expecting anything. I would give her both bags because she doesn't have her parents alive anymore and I wish I could be as good of a daughter as she was.
  14. I think my mom is best because she's mine.;) Seriosuly, though, she's a strong, loving, classy, sophisticated lady who went through cancer and still made me feel special. :love: I don't want to be entered, but I just wanted to brag! :lol: Good luck all. :biggrin:
  15. I have two little angels, and handbags they adore....
    If we won this contest, they would be thrilled to have two more!!!
    It would make them oh, so happy:lol: , and put my mind at ease...
    To let them tote their new bags, instead of my LV's!!!!
    kids picture.jpg
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