Conterfiet purse brands?!

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  1. Okay we all know that certain brands are copies to death like LV, Coach, Chanel & D & B and are risky to buy on ebay as well as the much coveted spy, paddy, motocycles bags etc. but are the lesser know designers and brand new bags also being copied and sold on ebay too? Like Kooba, Botkier and Bulga, do you think that these bags on sale of ebay are legeit? I wa wonderfin if any brands are safe now as designer bags have gotten so popluar. I would love to be able to purchae some of these designer, but without being able to compare them to the real deal are even these brand safe>

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I know that fake Bulgas exist. In most cases they are "inspired copies" -- and do not use the brand name on the bag, so thusly are legal, and of significantly lower quality.
  3. fakes exist, but they're usually not hard to spot because those bags are not nearly as profitable as the bigger brands and therefore are not as carefully copied
  4. Fossil bags i know.. are not faked.. although their bags.. ARE ripoffs of the real deal. Their "monogram" is FF - very similar and closely styled to Fendi.. but they're not doing anything wrong, it's their name! Fossil! -_-v.

    bags will get faked the more popular it gets..

    one brand that doesn't get faked (or as often) is Goyard.. so thankfully, those that can buy it should. Goyard doesn't exist in retail stores/locations on the west coast. :sad:
  5. they have a flagship in san francisco
  6. oh.. well.. SF is like ... 7 hours away. haha.
  7. botkier, bulga and kooba are all being copied.
  8. point well taken, but it is on the west coast nonetheless ;)

  9. Darn no brand is safe! I'll just have to wait and hope for the purses I love to go on sale!
  10. i saw a bunch of fake koobas on ebay last night, the studs on the chiaras and claudias were wrong...not enough rows on the bottom. linings were wrong too
  11. How about new releases like the Dior Gaucho- It must take the fake sellers at least some time to get their hands on one and get it copied right? Isn't there at least a small margin of time when new bags are safe?
  12. no. fake sellers get their stuff out, even before the brand releases them to the stores. like the LV Cerise.. fake sellers had their hands on these and sold them to the public at least 2 weeks in advance. and same for the Manhattan, and a plethora of other styles/lines.

    they're very quick.
  13. I saw a fake Gaucho before I saw the real one! :amazed: In Paramus, NJ (land of 10,000 malls) they have 2 kiosks that have fakes. There are Spys, Paddingtons, Quilty Pleasures, Gaucho's, Birkins, Dooney's, get my drift.