Conteplating the Galliera PM!

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  1. Why do you dislike Vachetta Leather?
  2. Hi, the magnetic closure doesn't align but I don't see that as a problem. I can definitely keep the bag under my arm. The shoulder strap doesn't slip at all. I did have a few items in the bag when I took that photo. If you go back to post #15, you will see a photo of what I was carrying.
  3. Thanks! So even if it doesn't align to close, you still feel secure carrying it?
  4. Well, this is long but you did ask! :graucho:

    I don't dislike vachetta per se, I think it is absolutely beautiful when it is pristine and even (virgin vachetta, honey patina, vintage, etc.,) but I am so over dealing with it's high-maintenance! I live in both LA and Las Vegas, so I see a plethora of LV's of all types, but I do see more mono canvas then anything else and I have seen way too many abused LV's with dirty, black or liquid stained handles and vachetta parts. It's just.a turnoff to see them in such bad condition!

    And I have dry and sensitive skin so I am constantly putting on lotions and moisturizers and to top it off I have a convertible so I always have to make sure I have on tons of sunscreen so basically my husband carried my mono bags more than I did!

    Weather issues aren't too much of a concern, but I'm not one to change bags daily, so if it does happen to be rainy or even foggy (I live at the beach) I don't want to have to worry about switching out bags just to go to the grocery store.

    I am very careful with my bags but sometimes being too careful with them takes away from the enjoyment.

    My low-maintenance damier and mini lin bags all look brand-spanking new.
  5. I can certainly understand why now- I have not owned any of mine long enough to get them grungy and was thinking it would just be like an old wood floor as it got marked or stained but I can now visualize it just looking tacky - I wonder if LV ever replaces the handles and what the fee would be - probably worth more than an old bag would merit. My handles still look so nice- I wonder if it would be worth waxing them just to seal out pen ink and lipstick stains? That has been my biggest concern since I apply it all day long and then touch up with my finger!!!

    Thanks for the information.

  6. so....i finally took mine out today!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her!:love::heart::tup:

    and with all my stuff in it, i can't believe how light it feels and it is soooooooooo comfortable on your shoulder!!! no, it doesn't slip off easily (like my other mono bags)!!! i took her to work and then to visit my 'pregnant' friend.... she gave me lovely compliments (and she wanted it too!)....and how we can double this bag as a dieaper bag too!! lol

    i'm sooooooooooo happy with this bag!
  7. I am saving mine for fall since I am carrying my speedy right now but did take it out once and it got lot's of love - so glad you were able to bring a spot of joy to your friend- You are a good Friend!:angel: