Conteplating the Galliera PM!

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  1. OMG, I ordered a Purse To Go thing yesterday. I got the brown one though.

  2. Sophia what does that look like the purse thing you ordered? never heard of it
  3. i ordered it yesterday too!! LOL
    see, i thought about brown....i should have, but went with the pink at very last min!!

    your pics are such eye candies....please make sure to take pics when you get them!!!;):heart:
  4. ^^^ hehehe....yep!
    i got those trio!!! i wasn't i got them all! =D
  5. oops I didnt refresh the page before posting that sorry..
  6. well girls thank you very much now I am going to get this bag lol
  7. You have enabled me.....shame on you! LOL
  8. Ohh Good!!! it's about time girlie!!!;):heart::tup: hehehehe

    so.....which wallet to go with?!!!:upsidedown:
  9. I think I will go with the Pochette one .. I hope its the rite choice I just would hate to spend $620 on a wallet and have the zipper tarnish uhhh..

  10. awesome!!!

    this is one of my fav! trust me....i have about 9 LV wallets and this is by far, the most usuful and best wallet ever! i hang juicy cherry charm on the zipper! :P:heart:
  11. lol so enabler when are you going to start using your Galliera PM? hehe
  12. i'll wait till you'll get yours buddy! hehehehehe~;)
  13. This bag is starting to grow on me ... glad it's part of the permanent line.

    Go for it, it's beautiful!