Conteplating the Galliera PM!

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  1. More Pics (to enable ya!):

    Attached Files:

  2. Great pics Alpine - Is this the PM ? I love it too!
  3. Yup, mine is the PM :yes:
  4. Alpine, your Galliera looks great! I love the soft unstructured look of the bag and I never realized how nice the vachetta piping looks when it is on. ;)
  5. looks awesome!!!!!!!

    thank you for the wonderful pics! your bag is always so organized and neat (unlike!!!! please make sure to post "what's in your...." thred, i LOVE looking at your LV goodies!!!:drool::heart::love:
  6. you look wonderful and beautiful with your Galliera!!! do you LOVE the bag?!!!:heart::love::tup:
  7. I bought the pm too based on my sa recomedation and it
    is the perfect size for everyday!
    Yours look great on you!:tup:
  8. Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I am definitely feeling enabled by alpine's pics! :tup:

    What kind of wallet are you thinking about? <Insert shameless plug for the mono zippy wallet here> :upsidedown:
  9. Chie, I absolutely love this bag. It's so lightweight and the interior is so soft. I had not fallen for a Mono Canvas bag in such a long time. I'm in love :love:
  10. I have the mono zippy and it is perfect
    For this bag since it has an open style
  11. OMG your bag is fabulous now I am definately getting one.. thanks alpine lol i love the way your bag looks very neat.. are you going to leave that protector film on the front or are you going to take it off?
  12. I removed the protective film after I took these pics. I'm a total neat freak and believe it or not, my bags always look like this. I think it's an obsessive compulsive thing I have :upsidedown:. Oh, and in case you're wondering what's in the big ugly LeSportsac pouch, it's my daughter's training pants and baby wipes. :P
  13. well your bag is beautiful and you said she doesnt slip off your shoulder? I have a problem with handbags doing that
  14. I went to the store a while ago and it never slipped off my shoulder. I am actually surprised.
  15. YooHoo~~~ congrats!!!!

    make sure to joing the club, ok?!!!! i NEED your pics in there~!!!!

    did you use yours yet? i haven't used mine yet....just admiring:love: --- i did order 'purse to go' trio thingie though (in pink!:heart:).....hoping that i can use it inside of her!!! LOL