Conteplating the Galliera PM!

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  1. I have gone back and forth with this purse lol should I get it should I not? This would be my first LV Purchase and when I think about the $1,180 part i get scared haha.. I know to some thats a normal going price for a Louis Vuitton etc. But any feedback or tips on LV would be great.. On the Galliera PM its not leather on the monogram rite? except for the trim? My fear is if I dont get one they will all be sold out.. thanks :hysteric:
  2. They are going to be part of the permanent collection, so you've got time. There may be some initial hype, but you should be able to get one. It is a gorgeous bag!
  3. ^^Thanks! That's good to know, so I'll have to save up for one!

    AmberEnv77, were you gonna get the wallet and bag at the same time? If I could afford the Galliera, I would get it! It is such a nice bag and a nice style too! Any decisions on either yet?
  4. I just called my local LV they said they still have some so hmm maybe I will try to get it.. and yes I was going to try and get the wallet and purse together..
  5. You could go down and try it out and put all your stuff into the Galliera to see how it feels with all your stuff. Good luck and let us know what decide in the end! :yes:
  6. I hope you get it - it's one of the cutest mono bags out there IMO
  7. i just got mine today!!:yahoo: i must say that it's the best thing since sliced bread!! i love galliera pm!! :heart: it's abso-freakin-lutely gorgy!!!:yes:
  8. I agree I got mine yesterday and I love it. It sits nicely on my shoulder and hugs against my body. Its a noticeable stand out bag. :smile: Go for it. Wait on the wallet b/c most people see the purse mostly IMHO :smile:
  9. You are a brave one and I like that--spending over $1200 for a FIRST LV! That is bold!
  10. You could always purchase it try it out at home and see how you feel about it and if your not feeling it's "you" you could return it within the LV timeframe. Good luck with your decision it's an adorable bag:yes:
  11. Make sure u go to store and put all your stuff in it BEFORE u buy it.Mine hangs weird with ALL my stuff in it but Im keeping it,LOL!
  12. just DO IT!!!!! heeheeeheeeee.....

    you'll LOVE it, i know i love mine~

    ......and by the way, pochette wallet is great! i like it better than my vernis framboise zippy! =D
  13. You will not be sorry - some of the mono's get too stuffy and some too cute - this one is just hip enough : Warning - you will get so much attention carrying this bag even my physical therapist talked mine up today- Take the plunge - better one great bag than tons of mediocre bags!

    That's my opinion of the day!

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  14. wow thanks everyone for your kind comments makes me want the bag now lol
  15. I hope you get it. I love it and can't stop staring at mine. The strap is super comfortable and doesn't slip. Overall, the bag is very soft and slouchy. I even tried it on with my coat and it's still very, very comfortable. I actually love the way it looks with a coat. Oh, and my bag was made in France.

    I'm carrying my new Black MC Pochette wallet for the first time too. Here are some pics:

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