1. I once belonged to a purse addicts board where we shared and photographed the contents in our bag (bag included in the picture, of course). The rule was that we couldn't "stage" the picture; whatever was inside your bag at the moment, you left it there and photographed it. Many ladies also included a list of the contents. Needless to say, it was a LOT of fun and gave everyone a little peek at who we are. You can do this as many times as you want. Perhaps we can make this a daily/weekly/monthly routine!

    I'll post my picture later since it is still early here. Your bag does not have to be an Hermes, of course! Since I post here frequently, I thought I'd start the thread here.

    Okay, spill it! :biggrin:
  2. This sounds like fun! Will have to post later though- need my husband to return with camera!!!
  3. Great idea!

    I think if it's not only Hermes bags but other bags, it should be in the section "Handbags and Purses".
  4. Good point LaVan!
  5. I think since this isn't related to Hermes, I'll move it to General Discussion if you don't mind.
  6. Fair enough! :biggrin:
  7. My pic will come tomorrow! Have you seen the book by Kate Spade which I believe is called "Contents"? It has women who dump their purse and list everything, and in the back is the pic of the purse separate - it's pretty neat - I think there are 2 Hermes bags included;
  8. since speedy is a blackhole i had to cheat and dump everything out. i also dumped out my makeup bag. but that's the only staging. i didn't add or subtract anything except my cell to take the picture with. :smile:

    if this thread is supposed to tell who we are, it succeeded...i'm a mess!!! :smile:

    (edit: i forgot to check the inside patch pocket...there was MORE...)

    makeup bag
    blotting papers case
    victoria secret mints tin (with mints i don't why is it in here?)
    burts bees cuticle cream
    neutrogena nail enhancer (i have acrylics...this shouldn't be here either...)
    solar oil
    feminine supplies
    expired discount card elementry school kids sell to raise money
    travel size fekkai glossing cream
    perfume atomizer (shalimar)
    pink notebook (food journal/notes to self)
    3 andes mints (i don't know where these came probably...but i don't even like andes mints!)
    wintergreen altoids (still sealed!)
    altoids gum
    cookies and cream tums (yummy as far as tums go)
    nail file (again, acrylics...why is this here?)
    7 tubes of lip gloss! and the chanel glossimer is empty!!
    5 pens
    2 mechanical pencils
    instant medical translator (yellow book...for doing homework or studying when i find a second)
    itty bitty tipping guide (from our trip to the city last weekend...we always forget how much to tip porters, conceiarge, valet, etc because we never use them at other hotels)
    2 tubes of handcream
    eye glasses case with cleaning cloth and sunnies
    hand sanitizer
    hotel key (from trip)
    weight watchers points slide
    reciept for a university of oregon sweatshirt i bought two weeks ago
    a package of silica gel? where did THAT come from??? not from speedy...hrm.
    tiffany and co. receipt from my new necklace hubby bought me for our anniversary
    a paper clip
    two dimes and a nickle
    3 packets of tazo tea (restaurants never have the kinds i like)

    i'm sure i missed something. yikes. off to clean out my bag, since you know, it's dumped out anyway... :smile:
    contents.jpg contents2.jpg
  9. ^^ wow ilzabet you fit all that in yr speedy?? bf has the digital cam this weekend so i'm just viewing...!
  10. Fekkai glossing cream - love that stuff!!!

    You certainly can survive on a deserted island if all you had with you was your speedy and all of its contents!!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. brownpaperbag - i just discovered it! it's so nice for the frizzies on the ends of my hair or smoothing out ponytail kinks and reviving curls. :love:

    hehe. usually, on top of all that stuff i have a paperback and a liter of water floating around. but i just finished my novel a couple days ago and haven't started a new one and the liter of water is sitting next to me at the computer. :smile: and if i have to work more than 6 hours, there's another make up bag with my actual makeup (blush, powder, eyeshadow, etc.)

    it's quite sad really. :smile: but this is why i love speedy so so much. i always broke other purses and could never zip them b/c there's so much stuff in there. :smile:
  12. That reminds me of the scene in The Breakfast Club where Ally Sheedy's character dumps all this stuff out of her bag and it seems never-ending.The guys says "why do you have so much sh*t in your purse?" and she says something like "you never know when you'll have to run away".
  13. wow ilzabet! haha.. in my bbag right now, i have a makeup bag, a planner, wallet, key holder with keys, burts bee lip balm, mac lipglass gloss, a highlighter and two pens :smile:
  14. Ilzabet, how did you ever fit all that stuff into your speedy LOL
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