1. Does anyone else ever fall in love w/ their bags all over again? And sigh with contentment... and yes, have that wee little thought "you know, even if those ____ bags never materialize, I'm truly blessed to have even this much!"

    Just wondering...
  2. Yep - just yesterday I walked past my dining room and caught sight of my JPG Kelly - the sun glinted at me off its hardware and I sighed.... audibly!!!!

    I had not yet put it away and it was just sitting there. It made like Shopmom's idea even more - maybe I should get all my bags out of their orange boxes and just look at them lined up in the wardrobe.

  3. So funny you started this thread, HL, because I was just thinking that I keep falling in love with my barenia HAC every time I look at it and think, "If this was the only H I was ever allowed to have, I would be ok."

    I still dream about other bags, don't get me wrong, but I feel content with what I have and it's a very nice feeling!:yes:
  4. I've fallen in love with my Kelly over and over, never tiring of her beauty. I believe she just gets more beautiful and precious to me daily:love:
  5. Sounds great!
  6. hermes_lemming, i'm so glad you started this thread... :yes: because it really helps to remind me sometimes to remember to be thankful for what i have, instead of pining away for things i can't/don't have (at this point of time)
    my collection is tiiiiny compared to most of the lovely ladies (and even gents) here but i love them all and really do feel blessed to have what i already have and even if that dream etoupe birkin doesn't ever come my way, i am content :smile:
    its probably me being a bit "emotional" today, but really, the last bit of your last sentence in your post really struck a chord with me... not just with bags, but with life in general! so thanks for posting :smile:
  7. Whew! I'm not the only one. I have a vintage bag called a Rock (no relation to the wrestler) that I have been taking out for the warm weather. It is gold porc/toile. It can be used as a small handheld or let the strap out and wear it as a shoulder bag. I never really used it, but I have really come to love this bag. The others that I fall in love with over and over again are my black box Kelly and the Medor. The Medor I still take out and sigh over.
  8. Thanks for starting this thread!
    YES - I am very thankful for what I have. If there were no more H bags to be had EVER, I would still be very happy.
    IRL I don't know anybody else who carries H bags, so that often makes me appreciate my bags even more!
  9. I don't know anyone as fortunate as me, to be able to buy such beautiful bags, give to charities, etc. I am truly the luckiest person on earth.
  10. I have never fallen out of love with them.
  11. Absolutely! Every time my Kelly comes out of it's dust bag, my heart jumps just as it did when I first opened the orange box!:love:

    I couldn't agree more ^^^ :tup:
  12. Wonderful thread!!!! I must say that every time I open the doors of my armoire to choose a bag or scarf or belt, I fall in love with each item all over again. The only bag that is not out and sitting on the shelf with the others is my Croc Kelly.....and sometimes, I take her out of her sleeper and just gaze at her in awe. To me, she is like a work of art.

    Right now, I am dreaming of Etoupe and Black Chevre. Truth is.....if I never find either, I will be perfectly content with what I have!!!!
  13. ^^Thanks for starting this thread....after some guilt yesterday regarding the kids....I ALWAYS feel so lucky to even have the ones I have, and DO FEEL content that if I don't find another bag....THAT"s OKAY!!

    I DO FALL in love all over again each time I use them....and I love all of them!! Just like I love my DH and kids!:heart:
  14. I do! I am thrilled with my current bags...each and everyone... My current favorites are BJ birkin and ebene Kelly...others come out to play when the time is right...
  15. These are such sweet thoughts. Really puts things in perspective.