Content Island double reveals and mod pics

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    I thought I was living happily on Content Island until I casually walked into LV boutique during lunch break... well, I talked myself out of it for so many times already but my kind SA told me it's in stock....... and then while waiting for the SA to pack the first item, another item caught my eyes........ so who's here? It's a quick reveal as I am on my way out for the gym :biggrin:
  2. Here
  3. Here!
  4. Here!
  5. Ohhhh
  6. Let's take a peak... the SA ran out of boxes for this item and asked me to pick up the box next time lol
  7. Any guesses? :biggrin:
  8. Yup, this!! I couldn't resist... after all these months lol.
  9. Speedy Emp 25 in Infini.. the recent reveals from lovely fellow TPFers tipped me over the edge, I love love love the leather!
  10. Now to the second item... the box
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    Elba flats! My first pair of LV shoes... that fit me LOL! Since it's a pair ballerina flats they are able to hold my feet in place preventing slipping.. size 34.5 the smallest size left in my entire country!
    photo(50).JPG photo(49).JPG
  12. Gorgeous bag and great haul!
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    The Elba flats are so comfy!! And here are the mod pics of bag and shoes. I am 5' 90lbs (152cm 41kg) for reference; please excuse the gym wear, on my way out now! So catch up later!
    Thanks so much for sharing my excitement! I think I can live happily ever after on Content Island now, wish list has all been fulfilled :smile:
    photo(44).JPG photo(45).JPG photo(43).JPG
  14. Congrats. That leather looks amazing!
  15. LVoe the Infini and shoes, great choices!