Contenst of your Handbag

  1. ok girls, how true is this?

    What handbags say about you

    DO you always carry Band-Aids, breath mints and family photos in your handbag? Then you're a sensitive, caring kind of girl.
    Or is your bag overflowing with everything from old bills to make-up and lolly wrappers? Then you're an imaginative free spirit.
    Expressive: Caring-natured types who carry around things like Band-Aids and mints to help others. They may also carry sentimental trinkets to remind them of their loved ones but these types also have a wild side.
    Creatives: These women's bags are a "bottomless pit of organised chaos'', , and full of all sorts of random items. These types are constantly evolving.
    Prepared: These women's bags are extremely organised. They're efficient and ready for anything. They may even carry a toothbrush.
    Minimal: These are the logical, rational types. these women prefer to keep their bags streamlined and neat.

    "Since a woman's handbag is a microcosm of her life, it reveals what is important to her, her lifestyle, her sense of humor and her sense of style, not to mention how many dollars and sense she has.''
    Source: Kathryn Eisman, author of How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag.