Contemporary and conceptual bags…

  1. I think to post some conceptual bags from not so well known brands is not a bad idea, so that is for I've created this thread. I'll start from the bag by ±0
  2. What's a 'conceptual' bag?
  3. The Helmut Lang jacket backpacks from 2002 were pretty cool....
  4. The one pictured doesn't do a thing for me.
  5. [​IMG]

    UM TOTE by conphorm (
  6. Let me describe the thread idea a little bit closer. It is not about noname or unknown brands, it is about extraordinary ideas in design of bags. So please post something more that common fashion and luxurious bags, post something that inspires.
  7. I love that one! Yet I don't remember what it is.... any ideas?
  8. my creations ;)
    noubox.jpg DSCF0628.JPG
  9. Charlott Vasberg multi pocket bag  kiriaki.jpg
  10. I find these designs absolutely fascinating!!! I have never heard of her but I'd like to know more!!!
  11. Cleo and Patek zig zag large north orange south ebags.jpg
  12. [​IMG]

    Its Cousin IT! :roflmfao:
  13. I like this, very futuristic, sleek, different!
  14. SHILVY orange noa mini indieshopper.jpg Shilvy Resort Shoji Clutch indieshopper.jpg Shilvy Bronze Leaf Shoulder Bag indieshopper.jpg Handle handsfree indieshopper.jpg Giedre Big Black Handbag Indieshopper.jpg Renee Davide Lily Clutch indieshopper.jpg
  15. Cuero black handkerchief bag.jpg