Contemplating this gryson tate bag. I can get it

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  1. for a little under $600. Sound good? I have never spent this much on a bag, so I'm a bit nervous despite all the raves for gryson.
    I'd really like to see what this looks like on the arm. All the online pics show the bag by itself.
  2. It's a LOVELY bag! Are you using the first-time 30% discount? If not, you should wait till 6/1 as you can get 25% off then. But get it! It's fabulous!
  3. Isn't that the bag that Lexie has? She's posted about it several times & I get the impression that she really likes it and thinks it's more practical (for her) than the Skye. I seem to remember reading another post where someone was describing how much room was inside, compared to the Skye. They said that they were about the same but that they could fit a little more inside the Tate - someone described carrying a book inside the Tate, but not inside the Skye.

    Personally, I don't like this style much. It reminds me of a backpack too much, but I know that I'm in the minority. I think w/the sides snapped up and carried on the arm, it might look a lot nicer.

    I'm curious to see how this bag carries also. Did you do a search for posts re: the Gryson Tate?
  4. I did a search on this bag. Seems that it is a tad larger than the skye, but not as cute imho. It does look sort of backpackish, and for this price it makes me hesitant. I do like the colour of the leather though. Hmmm.
  5. Hi,
    I'm aware of the 25% code. So, I can combine both codes? If that is the case then this baby is mine. I'll have to try emailing CS again. I had asked them to PM a code from StandardStyle for 30%, and they agreed. They didn't say anything about combining codes though.
  6. Thanks! Seems to look better carried, but I'm still unsure. I like how casual it is, but also the gorgeous leather. The colour I'm considering is the chocolate btw.
  7. does look like a backpack. At least my husband says so. But I haven't found a bag that is quite like this one. It's a little rugged looking but it's sooo cool. The shoulder straps are surprisingly comfortable. I have toted this bag around the last week and fell in love with it all over again. It has some more height than the Skye which makes it a little better for a book or such.
    This isn't a dainty classy going out bag but it makes a great casual everyday bag that will last forever. Built like a tank, it is.
  8. I loved your last comment. "Built like a tank"! This is exactly what I'm looking for, a very very durable yet nice quality bag. I'm not really into the super thin, light, butter soft bags. True it sure isn't dainty or feminine, but it's urban chic in my book. I doubt I'll see many ladies toting this baby around. I'm still wishy washy about it. I was also considering the Zoe hobo in khaki, but I'm unsure of that colour (grey? grey-brown? Hard to tell in the pics). I also wonder if the Zoe will be a better size.
    Decisions, decisions.
    Have you had many comments made on your tate? Seems people either love it or hate it. LOL
  9. My mother (who is 72) really likes it. She's all about function and likes the 2 outer pockets. My husband surprisingly says it's a nice quality bag. Both say it looks like a backpack. Alot of my Co-workers commented on it being so "different". I have had more comments like this than the "WOW What a gorgeous bag" variety. I am quite okay with that. I don't care if anyone else likes my bags at all. It matters if I like them. I am not ever looking for comments when I use a bag, so when they come, good or bad, I take it in stride.

    If you want a rugged durable bag you can't get better than this. And the leather doesn't scratch easily. I had a few fine white scratches on mine and a small soiled spot on the pocket. I cleaned it with Loving my Bags Cleaner and Moisturizer and it looks like it's brand new.
  10. If you don't mind me saying you don't sound completely sold on this bag. have you seen one in the flesh and tried it on? personally i like it!
  11. I personally prefer Skye, but that's just me though. What matters is how you feel about Tate. Good luck on your decision & keep us updated. =)
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