Contemplating the Rockie and need some advice

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  1. Hi All!

    I have been looking at getting an Alexander Wang bag for awhile now and recently got a very generous Nordstrom gift certificate, which could be my final push to finally get the bag. I have decided that the Rockie fits my needs better plus is a little lighter than the Rocco.

    But my main worry (and reason for why I haven't gotten the bag already) is if this bag will be in "style" for several years to come. I love the studs and the wear options of the rockie/rocco but I guess I need some encouragement or even discouragement on lifespan of this bag in terms of styling.

    I suppose this is also an age specific question too since different ages will wear the bag differently..I am in my late 20s about to hit my 30s and hopefully start having children in the next couple that is also a concern. BUT I love this bag and anytime I see it in person, I try it on and get all crazy over it.

    Advice? Thoughts?
  2. Go for it! You will ask yourself what took you so long once you carry it. I have 2 Rockies and love them to death. I'm 31 and think it's an age appropriate bag. You can fit a lot in it and it's not heavy at all (compared to Roccos which were too heavy for me).
    What color combo are you looking at?
  3. Thanks for your thoughts! I am thinking of the black with brass hardware as a starter piece. If I love it, then I will probably start to add color bags to my wishlist.
  4. That is such a beautiful classic combo. Now especially because I know that even more I say go for it!

    I just ordered the black / brass fumo.

    Keep us updated on what you decide to do. ;)
  5. I am in my late 50's and I carry my Rocco's all the time. I have never cared one whit about whether something is 'in style' or not. If I like it I wear/carry it.
  6. Poopsie2 - I totally agree with you!! I usually always buy very plain handbags and have recently started to get more "edgy" ones and so I like to hear people say that they can carry it with confidence regardless of age or even what one is wearing. It's a reason why I posted this thread =)

    TaraP - Thanks for your encouragement! I just ordered my Rockie with antique brass hardware from Nordstrom and so I will do a reveal once it arrives! I cannot wait!!
  7. Gongrats on your new bag! I own a green Rockie, and I love it to bits. I couldn't care less if the bag "goes out of style" because I love it:smile:
  8. Exciting! Congrats! Can't wait for you to receive it.
  9. Go for it! I'm much older (gulp!) and am heavily leaving towards getting the Rockie...think it's more about your style and how you carry it than about age. And I think Alexander Wang is just becoming a more widely recognized designer, so am sure his classic bag designs will have a long life style-wise.
  10. Thanks foxgal!! I did just order my Rockie and it should be arrive in a week or so =). I think I'm also going through a "almost 30, holy crap" crisis - which is silly really but I guess this happens to a lot of people when they are about to hit a new decade.
  11. I totally went through the OMG 30 crisis. But let me tell you, 30s are awesome. Nothing to stress over. You're so going to enjoy the big dirty 30. :P
  12. hahahh thanks, Tara!!
  13. Since you got this gift certificate, it's meant to to be. :yahoo:The style itself is going strong, they are making all these different colorways every season. In terms of small children: crossbody bag is the way to go, because your hands/arms will be very much occupied with something else.
  14. KatyaV, Great point with the crossbody option! I LOVE crossbody bags and so that's another reason why I was more sold on the rockie as opposed to the rocco. Nordstrom just sent me a shipping confirmation and so I'm just waiting for UPS to reveal the shipping date! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  15. I just bought a Rockie on an impulsive whim and don't regret it (I have a Rocco too!). It's seriously the cutest bag and it's surprisingly light too! Congrats!