Contemplating the J12... Saks Triple Point Qs and Wrist Diameter Q

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  1. If only I was a few days earlier... stupid price increases! :Push:

    anyway, if I were to purchase would the Saks triples points event be a good day to purchase? Does anyone know what the return dollar amount is for each point earned? I.e. 12,000 points earned equates to how much dollar amount at the end of year?

    Also can any 5.5" wrist diameter ladies chime in with their opinions on size (33 vs 38)? I love the look of large watches but I don't want it to look dated in years to come. I've been searching and drooling over the J12 posts for the past few days and I've noticed that there isn't a post re the relationship between wrist size and mm size of the watch.

    Hopefully this info would be helpful and enable others to buy too :yes:
  2. I have the 38MM white J12 w diamond markers and I love it. My wrist is 6" (with the tape measure rather loose) and the 38MM is great for me. But, it is as big as I would ever go with a watch and if my wrist were any smaller (like it sounds like yours is), I think that I might prefer 33MM. definitely try them both if you can. It is such a great watch!!:tup:
  3. My wrist is 6" and I have the J12 33mm (love it:love:) but the thing that sold me on that size was because the 33mm is quartz and the 38mm is automatic, and to be honest I did not wanted to deal w/an automatic movement (as I dont wear the same watch daily). G/L w/ your decision both sizes are gorgeous:yes:
  4. Saks is having another triple points on april 10~12 for handbags, not sure if it will apply for watch. But the price for 33 mm w/diamond has gone from 4850 to 5350 since April 1st, so act fast before it's second increase this year!
  5. I don't think the triple points applies specifically to handbags. I just got a flyer in the mail and I think it's triple points on anything you purchase. I don't know how much of a Gift certificate you would get with say 12,000 points. You could probably look up the point value on their web site. Good luck with your decision :smile:
  6. I may be getting one too.:tup:

    Question~ other than size~ what is the difference between quartz and automatic?

  7. My wrist is 6" and I have both the black w/ diamond markers and the white plain in 38mm. I love big watches so 38mm is the smallest I would go. I'm not a fan of quartz watches so 33mm was not even an option.
  8. the GC from points is 1%.
  9. Quartz= Battery Operated
    Automatic = works w/ your pulse and you'll need a watch winder.
  10. ^
    Thanks very much! :flowers:
  11. i think the 33mm size is perfect for small wrist size, but as usual with everything, there's always a only comes in quartz model...*sigh* it's the same size as rolex junior size right? the 38mm would be huge!
  12. I have a small wrist as well and I choose the 33mm. The larger one is too overwhelming on my small wrist and skinny arm, ha! Plus the smaller one is petite and classy, the larger one is just too much bling, if you have a small wrist, that is.
  13. i love big watches and just got my 38mm auto diamond markers. i have small wrists myself but the contrast look good.

    i went with the auto cos 1) the size, 2) i dont have to worry about changing the battery.

    go with the 38mm

    wow i didnt know the price increase is so much again. :cursing::cursing: bad bad
  14. Yesterday I stopped by the Chanel counter to see the different sizes on me and I'm 95% positive now that I should get the 38. I think it has more of a *wow* factor. Its bigger yes but I think the watch was meant to be noticed. Too bad my SO doesn't agree with me :sad: He much prefers the 33 and he fears that after the big watch trend passes, that I'll be dissapointed in my choice.

    Also, although it pains me to wait(!!!), I think I'm going to wait for the next EGC event before I purchase. I think the gift card back from the EGC would be more than what I'd get back from triple points... can anyone confirm?
  15. I have no idea how the triple points work (honestly) but when I purchased my J12 33mm (EGC event) I received a $450 g/c.