Contemplating selling my Choco Paddington...

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  1. I really like this bag but find I'm not using as much as other bags, and am developing Balenciaga lust. It's a Spring 06, purchased from Net-a-Porter. Since my digital cam takes crappy pictures, if I list it on e-bay it would probably be through one of those "I Sold It On E-bay" services. Do you think there's enough of a demand right now, or should I wait until everyone is sold out of this color?
  2. I think it has a chance. I was in Nordstrom and that color wasn't there. Its a beautiful year round color!
  3. i went to both nordstrom and NM and the Sa's told me they still get calls asking for that color, so it is safe to say you have a very good chance at selling it. i am so sorry to hear you do not use it as much. i absolutely love mine. its the same color. i like it more than the balenciaga, but its a matter of preference. good luck.
  4. I was just looking on eBay and didn't see very many that were authentic (based on the prices...). You should have a great shot!
  5. Oh, Pseub, what a bummer. I hope you find a good home for it.
  6. I'm going through the same thing. I'm wanting another Balenciaga and had considered selling my whiskey paddy :shame: Still not sure what I want to do.

    The chocolate is a beautiful color, and I think a lot of people still prefer the original paddy satchel over the new styles coming out. I'm sure it would do well on eBay, and of course being advertised here in The Marketplace :nuts:
  7. I think there is enough of a demand but I wouldnt sell it through one of those I Sold It places.
  8. Cristina - I looove your quote. Couldn't agree more ;)