Contemplating on joining the Work and Travel US programme.

  1. Ok, so I've been giving it some thoughts for quite some time and I still haven't make up my mind yet. I'm an Asian and have forever been in my country. Been dying to go out there and have an opportunity to explore other parts of the world and gain some new experience.

    This Work and Travel US programme will give me such opportunity. I will be able to travel to US, work by taking some entry level job(s) for a couple of months then travel for some time after that.

    The thing is, to join the programme, I would have to save an amount of money for the cost of the programme, air tickets, visa, etc, and it's not a small amount, at least not to me at the moment. So my question is, is it worth joining? Anyone who had been to similar programme, can you please share your insights and opinions on this?

    Also, if I do join, which part of US should be a better place to go? I was told that the jobs given will be entry level jobs such as working in hotels, resorts, theme parks, restaurants, etc. What kind of jobs will let me earn more money?

    Really appreciate all your opinions here, anything really. I'm so lost and have to make decision soon. Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. I've never heard of this program, but I would assume it would give you good experience and would look great on your resume to say that you've worked for XX company in XX location :smile:

    Hope that you receive some good advice!
  3. Thanks! This programme is for students to join before graduating. Well, I'm not counting much of the impact it will do for my resume since I'm not going to work anything related to my field of study, only jobs like waitressing, retail, etc, but perhaps the experience working overseas may count a little.
  4. haven't heard of any program like this at all, can you link me to this program's website? i think we all would be able to give you more thoughts if you give us more details about this program....

    it really doesn't make sense that you wouldn't even be doing something related to your studies... i don't know how you would legally work in the US that way ...
  5. ^ that's right..
    im an international student here in the US, and im not allowed to work outside campus...
    i think it's illegal and u could be deported if the government know!

    do you know if the company who holds this program is legal?because i heard there are a lot of companies that bring people to the US and make them work as an illegal workers with low wages w/ sh*tty places to live and all that..
    but maybe it (the one you mentioned) is legal?i dont know.hehehe..

    do research!and good luck!!!!;)
  6. I have never heard of a work travel program for the United States. I know one exists for the Commonwealth countries, well at least btw Australia and Canada because my sister did it and travelled to Australia and worked there as well for about a year. But you have to be a under a certain age and some other things.

    I'm going through INS right now and have never heard of a work visa that lets you travel besides H1B/TN/J1 unless you mean J1 but with that your government has to pay for you to be interning in the US.

    However, if I had to choose a few cities, I'd choose San Francisco for it's large Asian community and a lot of events, good public transport or San Diego for it's warm climate/beaches or NYC for everything else.
  7. are you sure this program is legit? when you said theme parks, it got me thinking. i always see a bunch of young asian people working at six flags whenever i go there. i always wondered how they got there with immigration being so tough. maybe they're part of this program?

    if you entry level jobs like the ones you're talking about, they will all pay very little. do you have to pay for your own living expenses while in the us? if so, the wages you get will probably all go to that. is the travel included or do you have to pay for that too? if it's not included, i doubt very much that you will make enough from the job, minus living expenses, to pay to travel around the country.

    please be very careful with this type of program. it sounds like a way to import cheap labor. also, someone mentioned that uscis might not be too accepting of this kind of thing... be careful! if you get on their bad side, you will probably never be able to immigrate legally to the us if you choose to do that sometime in the future.
  8. First of all, thank you so much for all your concerns, really appreciate that. :yes: Yea, I had been having doubts like that too, but if it's not that one of my friend actually went last winter, I would be very skeptical too. I do appreciate all advises and currently checking out all sources and trying to dig out as much info as possible. In fact, earlier today, I attended a fair organized by the US embassy over here and there are some booths and I took back some brochures and stuffs. I will post here if I find out more info. :yes: Defnitely do not want to get into anything illegal or something...
  9. This is the link to the relevant website.

    Are those legit?
  10. OMG, I do hope this is not like those! :sad: Do check out the links I posted and tell me what you think.
  11. Thank you, will take note on these info! :yes:
  12. Thanks for your concern. :smile: Yea, I do agree that I have to be very careful, that is why I posted here to get more info. But seems like not many are aware of this program. :confused1:

    As far as I know, yes, we have to take care of our own living expenses and it very much depends on the job we got. Some jobs provide food and accommodations, others don't. Of course we won't be earning much but I was told that it would be enough to support our stay over there. The travel is also up to ourselves and is not included.
  13. I had friends from Australia who did a similar thing working at Summer Camps in America. The travel aspect was the main draw for them and they really had a great time.
  14. Thanks for the info! Finally, someone who knows of a legit program similar to this, at least it's something positive! ;)
  15. I really wish I could give you some info on which program they were in, but it was almost 15 years ago. All I know is that it was working at Summer Camps and they had a blast. I have no idea on what their initial outlays or income was. Good Luck :flowers: :heart: