Contemplating on buying a pair of Rolandos...need input

  1. I have wanted a pair of Rolandos, but I hear they are painful on the feet. For you ladies who own them, what about these shoes that causes the pain. Is it the toe box or the fact that the heel is so high. They are about 5" correct? Is this a shoe I can actually walk in all day at work?
  2. for me the height and the small toe box is what causes the pain. My SA convinced me to get them cuz she kept saying what a hot shoe it is and I was looking for a red shoe. I've only worn them around the house a bit and I'm still trying to get up the courage to wear them out. For now they look pretty inside their box :s
  3. gemruby - I returned the plum suede pair b/c of the toe box. I'm used to higher heels so I don't believe that was the problem. But b/c of how short the toe box is and where the shoe arch's, they didn't make for comfortable walking.
  4. For me it was the toe box (the height of the shoe causes your toes to slide forward).

    Let me tell you what worked for me and now they are super comfortable (honestly): 1) Get a pair that are a half size up 2) Wear them with heel inserts out for a long (not so) fun evening (preferably involving heavy drinking and dancing) 3) Focus on other things (i.e. the compliments on your fabulous shoes) and ignore the foot pain 4) Come home and take them off and take a pain pill and go to bed. :smile:

    I'm being facetious but that was what I did and the next time I wore them (without the inserts) it was like my toes "remembered" not to jam the edge of the shoe and settled really comfortably.
  5. Funny you should inquire about this today...first of all size is critical. With that being said, I just came from my cobbler today and he stretched the toe box just slightly and it made a tremendous difference in comfort. As an owner of three pairs of Rolando's (plum suede, metallic bronze and red patent), I am a fan of this style. The Rolando is a real sexy does have a hidden platform to ease part of the 5 inch heel however do know that my personal 'shelf life' in my Rolando's caps at about 4 1/2 hours...MAX! They are certainly fabulous but I only wear them for short outings... perhaps a lunch or dinner date, short shopping trip, etc. Defintely would never make it all day on my feet or otherwise.

    Does that help?:flowers:
  6. TOO FUNNY:lol::woohoo:
  7. I was just wearing my Rolandos around the house--I LOVE them, but it's really, really snowy and slippery here right now, so outside wear is just foolish!

    I found them snug in the toe box when I first tried them on, and they stretched them a bit in the store for me--it made a big difference! Mine are patent, (red :love:) and patent isn't easy to stretch yourself, so it was great to have it done for me. Of course, I had to commit to buying them first--I was determined to have them fit, and they were the right size, just snug on one side.

    I went half a size up. They're incredibly hot shoes--I hope they work out for you!!!
  8. Ohhh, I love my wine patent Rolandos!! :love: I haven't worn them out of the house yet (snow, ice, and tons of rain + pretty high CL's don't mix!), but IMO, with the way my foot is shaped, my toes being a bit squished in the toxbox is unavoidable. I have narrow ankles, small heels, and a very high arch, but the rest of my foot is not quite so narrow haha. :shame:

    I bought them in a 38 (I wear a 38.5 in simple pumps, 38 in yoyo's, and a 38.5 in Decollete's), because the 38.5 had enough room in the back for something to nest... it was just too much! I did try them on in the 38.5 size and found them to be very comfortable, but my foot kept slipping out, so that size didn't work for me. I don't consider them to be all day shoes (maybe if I went with the 38.5's and wore them with fab wide leg trousers that covered the gap), but they're just stunning nonetheless. :love:
  9. I never thought about buying them because they were so high, but I see them on you ladies here and they look so beautiful. I normally wear my CL's to work, so I was concerned about the comfort level.
  10. As someone who just received her pair today, I have to say OUCH!:sad: They kill my toes. I need to do something about the toe box, I've been wearing them off and on around the house this evening but it's not helping so far. :sweatdrop:

    I get the sense that if I had a tiny bit more room for my toes they'd be comfortable because of the platform (kind of like VPs).
  11. It does hurt your toes a little, especially if they are small for you. I would suggest sizing up 1/2 size. The wine patent Rolando is my favorite..I love mine. I wish I had a pair of patent black ones too. :amuse:
  12. Mine hurt even with the sizing up...if I went up another 1/2 size they'd be flopping off my heels:sad:

  13. I haven't worn mine out either, though part of that is we keep having either cold weather or rain. I just love them so much too I don't want to mess them up, so I guess that's another reason I haven't worn them yet. I'm waiting for a day when I know I'll go work somewhere where I'll park close by and not have to walk far and the weather is nice.
  14. Since you already went up half a size, I would recommend having someone stretch them a bit for you. They hurt my toes on one side, and with a bit of stretching, they are much better.
  15. Honestly while these might not be all day comfy shoes like the simples, I personally can justify the pain because of how HOT they look! I just got the royal purple (electric blue) suede Rolandos and I too went up half a size and have only worn them around the house (I haven't had a good place to premier them yet!) but so far so good! The more I wear them, the better they feel.

    I think if you go up 1/2 size from your normal CL size, that you should be fine. And if the toe box is a little tight, depending on the material you should be able to wear them in or get them slightly stretched! But overall I really think you should go for it, because again this shoe is just amazing looking and makes your legs go for miles!