Contemplating future Elisha purchase - anyone got modeling shots?

  1. I haven't seen the bag IRL...I'm wondering if it's comparable to a marcelle or a lucy size-wise. If anyone has shots of their Elisha - especially modeling - please post - would love to see some real photos. Thanks!!
  2. Stunning.

  3. I don't have a modeling pic but I have a one of mine and one from a website... I hoep this helps, did you get one??
    KoobaElishaMed.jpg IMGA0916.JPG IMGA0922.JPG
  4. Whaaat! I have been away from the Kooba forum for too long!! I didnt know you nabbed a blonde Elisha Alberta Mom!!

    What a great find!:tup:
  5. No kidding Alberta Mama!!! You're holding out on us! What else do you have stashed away?!
  6. LKB---I have a Lucy and Elisha and IMO they are pretty much the same size. Elisha is a little easier to swing over the shoulder as I htink the straps are a bit longer. ELisha might even be a tad smaller. It's an awesome bag!!!

  7. Here are a couple modeling pics--I can't get a good shot of the elisha up, sorry.
    Hope this helps!
  8. Well--that didn't work, I'll try again later....
  9. Well...I actually bought the one that no one wanted from eBay from Auctiondrop (the seller!) for $85!! No one else was bidding on so I got it. I cleaned the back of it like crazy and added a bit of light shoe cream and buffed it up! The pictures from the auction were really bad-but in real life she's buttery soft!! it looked bad in the auction pics but it was a bit of blue from jeans that had stained it a little bit. It is a great bag and a perfect size!!
  10. Here is a picture of the back that I had cleaned and polished-you can hardly tell that it was stained I'm so glad I took a chance on her :okay:
    IMGA0924.JPG IMGA0919.JPG
  11. I really don't have that much else stashed away! I am on the lookout for a black Kooba bag-I like the Paige and I've seen a few on eBay that are good...I have a black Holly but she is for going out-I need a bigger one for work.
  12. OMG! awesome for you! I can't believe you cleaned that up so well and you got such a great deal! auctiondrop really has some great starting prices on the auctions! I love the size too. It's perfect. Congrats on such a steal :heart::heart::heart:

  13. Thank you Posk!!
  14. Wow Alberta!
    I remember that Kooba. You did a great job cleaning it up! You snared a bargain there as your Elisha looks fab now! :tup:
  15. Alberta Mommy, I too remember seeing that blonde Elisha on eBay. It looked a complete mess. However, you've done a great job on it and it's ended up a fab bag. Good for you!