Contemplating Damier purchase.

  1. Which bag do you guys think would make a good first damier peice? I have been looking at a speedy 30 or the papillon 30, but do you recommend another bag? I am trying to break out of the mono mold. Thanks!
  2. I like your choices for Speedy 30 or Pap 30 :smile: ummm but how with Ribera MM or Uzes?
  3. Damier Duomo, the most gorgeous bag in the Damier pattern (IMO).
  4. Speedy or Papillon are good choices.
  5. I would go for the speedy 30!! I think it will be a great way to break into the damier
  6. Since you wanted a recommendation besides the speedy or papillon, I would definitely recommend my #1 favorite Damier bag:

    The Saleya!
  7. The speedy 30 would be good.
  8. Saleya, Speedy, or Ribera are my faves in Damier. Or a pochette??

    And you can get a cles to match! :graucho:
  9. My #1 Fav the Saleya! Seriously I would die without this bag!
  10. Since you have a Speedy and an Alma, my suggestions are:

    Hampstead PM


    or the Illovo

  11. Pap 30 is adorable!
    I LOVE my Saleya PM...yummy red lining too...
  12. My fave also - the Saleya PM!
  13. I LOVE my damier speedy 30--but since you want something different, I think the Saleya in either PM or MM size is so chic!
  14. Hmmm, I guess it all depends what kind of bag you are looking for. :smile:

    For example:

    Do you like Handheld Bags .... OR .... Shoulder Bags?

    Are you more of a "Big Bag" Girl .... OR .... a "Small Bag" Girl?
  15. I think the Papillion 30, and the duamo look the best in the damier pattern. I do like the sag in a mono speedy, but somthing about the checker pattern makes the sag look unflattering. damier looks better structured.