Contemplating a Red Vernis

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  1. I'm contemplating purchasing a Red Vernis for Christmas and I have started doing some research into the Vernis lines. This colour transfer stuff scares me slightly, though most people have said it only occurs with the lighter colours. So, would Red hold up ok? Does anyone have a Red Vernis that is sufferring from colour transfer? Has anyone seen a Red with colour transfer?

    I know that putting it next to magazines, newspapers etc may result in colour transfer, but does the red fade or change colour like the marshmellow and peppermint?
  2. Just bumping this up
  3. I have TONS of red Vernis pieces. I have a bucket (selling), a cles, French purse, and a Spring Street. I have never had any color transfer to any of them. Good choice!! ;) Also, none of my red pieces have faded in the slightest. HTH
  4. i have a reade and it has some color transfer but its like 7 yrs can only see it up close. i love red vernis!
  5. oh...and no fading :love:
  6. Oh-no... what was the colour transfer from? I'm so scared I'd wreck it. I don't really baby my bags either....
  7. That's great to hear! Have you had them for a while? Do you use them a lot? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to put my mind at ease if that's possible
  8. I don't know about the transfer but the Vernis line in red is GORGEOUS!!!
  9. That red is HOT!
  10. Mmmm, red vernis is beautiful, great chrismas choice!
  11. I have a red vernis Reade PM and I have had no problem with color transfer. Just take care of your purse just like you would any other LV investment and it will love you back! Vernis is rare, and almost impossible to copy (plastic can't even compare) so it turns heads wherever you go. Not many people have vernis. A nice candy apple red color is coming out February 07, so you may want to wait for that one. If you see red vernis now, most likey it is Rouge, which is a very happy red color. I personally love it!
  12. I have the red Biscayne Bay GM and have never had any problems with it at ALL. All vernis is susceptible to transfer to some extent due to the material, but it shouldn't change colors like the lighter ones do.
  13. I say go for it. I think red is a great neutral.
  14. I drool over that red bucket every time I see it. I wish I were rich. :nuts:

    I have a red agenda that gets thrown around a lot inside my bag, and it has held up great. No color transfer! I love the red, definately go for it!
  15. Love the red vernis! Good choice!